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Wheels are turning are you Ready?

Pluto is feminine and Aquarius is masculine we have this shift, Pluto's planetary moving from Capricorn (feminine) into the masculine, bringing the divine union, of self now we are more secure in our femininity after the last transition in Capricorn. Our own femininity was acknowledged, nurtured and nourished, we felt the rose unfold within ourselves. We came into balance, and now we stand on the threshold of the next cycle, into the Pluto Aquarian cycle, we drop our veils, we drop old outdated programs and we stand ready for the newness. See where your life is changing, feel what is important to you, and notice with observation what is falling away, and what is coming in.

The challenges that rise and fall. What did you fight for before and now release?

We enter this new cycle, no going back, the wheels turn, the Wheel of Fortune is so prominent as the planets dance to their own rhythm. Now we move into deeper introspection we have developed our intuition, our hearts are open. As we prepare for the sacred union of self, with others and our Merkaba.

There is so much gold pouring in from the Sun's flares, that our own golden path unfolds, I hold Magdalene's golden rose within my heart, she brings her Holy Grail energies which have been pouring into my heart space for some time, to hold the highest vibrational frequency of love for this planet right now, for healing and evolution as we choose ourselves in the one selfless act of our lives to become who we were always meant to be pure Love, Confident, worthy of Love and all that entails, Abundance, letting go of outdated programs that kept us hidden or playing small, listening to other peoples doubts and fears not owning our own path.

Are you ready?

For your path to unfold, Magdalene's Rose Ray, Path of Love calls to you even more than at any other time, the past twenty years she has been calling her Priestesses back to her, from past lives, from all around the world, the Magdalenes were awakened to be ready to carry her love frequency, her tools of the heart, oils, healing vibrations and so many of us are fully in our own Power with her as our Sister, Guide and Beloved.

If Magdalene calls to you, I am running her Priestess Course this year and her High Priestess Course so there is a clear path to her teachings of the Soul, reclaiming your lost parts of yourself and remembering who you truly are. The course runs for 12 months, it is deep, it is real, it goes to the heart of you, it brings you rich insights and deepens your own intuition and healing energy. If this calls to your book a free chat with Kim.

My White Flame energy is embedded into the Priestess Courses it's my unique signature energy, I have two lineages within my energies, one from Ancient Egypt with the trinity of Goddess Isis, Horus and Osiris and another the golden flames from Tibet, from another past life as a Flame Keeper, Keeper of the Ancient Codes passed down through my lives to be awakened when needed.

Flames are the essence of Holy Spirit, all that is holy is symbolised by Fire, by Flames, fire represents the consciousness, the essence of life, for us to live by our flame energies that we hold. When we awaken to our flame energies we awaken to our life's consciousness, our own sacred path, awakens and we can choose to follow it. My home is full of Buddhas, white ones and golden ones, my first spiritual guide is Kwan Yin and she has been my guide for many years, she brings her energy of compassion and love.

Someone asked me about my Spiritual Journey, it seems like I've been on it so long its hard to know when and where it began. I saw angels and Mother Mary as a child, I sensed so much, heard the voices of Grandmothers in heaven and lived out many days talking to plants and animals. There are glimpses of my early live in my Flowers of the Quantocks book, which will get a re-write soon as so much has come to light since my father passed. Ive found correspondence between my family that has highlighted things I never knew. How the wheel turns is a mystery.

So what's new, astrologically we are moving into a new age with Pluto, a new direction, it will be personal to each of us.

Collectively, the Spiritual people are gearing up to build foundations for the New Earth, in the next 10 and 20 years. The sensitives are picking up on a lot of changes, there is so much light pouring in and we are finding new ways to hold more light than ever before. So much is speeding up too.

Finally, I am bringing my White Flame teachings into public view not hidden in my Magdalene spiritual community or shared with the few who receive the call that read my book. I am holding two workshops in Glastonbury this year one in July and the other in October to share this energy with others.

Sacred Temple of the White Flame - Initiation and Activations with new keys and codes for 2024 - 13th/14th July, Glastonbury, England

Sacred Temple of the White Flame - Mastery and Teacher Codes First time shared in 2024 - 12th/13th October, Glastonbury, England

I shall release the full information soon, prices, etc I am in the process of updating the website and full details will be available very soon

If you are interested please sign up for more information -

So are you ready for 2024?

Imbolc is nearly here - I have a gathering in Staffordshire to welcome the stirrings of Spring with Goddess Brigid and Persephone with a sacred circle, journalling and sound healing. There is an Early Bird Offer

Plus a Being in the Heart Workshop - Deep dive into your heart energy to connect with Mary Magdalene's Higher Heart Healing Connect with Mary Magdalene's higher heart healing by diving deep into your heart energy. Includes:

  • Receive Magdalene Pink Bliss Initiation

  • Create Heart Energy Anointing Oil

  • Create a Rose flower essence

  • Heart Sound Healing

  • Clear Heart Blockages, forgiveness and open up to more love

In the heart, we seek

love, and in it we find

shadows of the past

dreams unreleased,

memories of past loves

moments of joy

and in this we seek

to fill our entire heart

with love that quells the thirst

fills our cup

for those days and nights

that we awaken in love

as is our wish

Kim Ora Rose

My Pluto is in Virgo which probably explains a lot about my personality as is my Ascending Sign Virgo asks for the details, analyses everything, seeks the depths, the planner, and brings the earth with its mutable energy. Virgo is my opposite sign as I’m Pisces Sun and Moon. Virgo brings me to balance my husband is Virgo we are so well matched Earth  and Water mutably anchored.

My astrologer says tells me about Pluto in my South Node is in my 5th house of creativity. It's worth having an astrology reading for 2024 to see what coming up for you this year.

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