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Plant Medicine

I have been studying herbalism and flower essence healing and created my own unique flower healing modality through teas, flower essences and journeying with each flower's unique Spirit Guardian. 

Mystical Flower Guardian Books Series out now on Amazon. 


Plant Medicine

"Flowers are incredible, they are beautiful to look at and fill our homes with sweet aromas but for thousands of years, flowers have also been used for remedies in medicine because of their incredible healing properties. Wise women in the past gave us flower healing remedies and this ancient knowledge is carried to this time. Each flower brings its own divine essence and its own signature of light, they bring their unique healing benefits and properties relating to the seasons, or planetary healing and correspond to our bodies for healing. There is a divine guiding force behind the DNA and properties of each flower and whilst the Apple is a great healer it connects with our higher hearts, with water, with Venus and the Guardian Aphrodite, so in one small apple blossom flower you can receive all the healing and divine essence from its entirely of the promise of the fruit, connection to Venus, healing for yourself and your divine connection and to the source of everything water. You will start to feel, sense, know each card and its uniqueness vibrates on a multi-dimensional frequency of love, beauty and wholeness with its layers of flowers energies, Guardians power and planetary cosmic energies."

Sunflower - “If you are seeking joy and happiness know that when you follow the sun, like the sunflower, who follows the sun, you turn away from the shadows. The sun always leads you in the golden light of abundance and away from any lack, misfortunes, past hurts as you live your authentic happy, joyful life in the sunlight. “ Kim Ora Rose

"If you have never journeyed into the world of flowers before then prepare yourself for much magic from these beautiful and deeply mystical cards. You will be transported into the realm of mother Earth as you work with the energy of the flowers and the trees going very deep into their healing and their meanings." by Margaret Hunt

Reading about my flowers and their spirit guardians in my new book Gaia's Garden

Mystical Flowers


by Kim Ora Rose 

Connect to the Magical energies of flowers 

Flowers are wonderful healers for so many things for our thoughts, behaviours, illnesses, ailments, and emotions eg fear, sadness, grief are just a few.  They offer to heal holistically for the whole, mind, body and spirit, both internally and externally eg skin complaints or digestive problems.  Healing with flowers can bring healing to your mind and soul, past and present through the healing journeys.

The flowers are connected to the Elements of the earth, fire, water, wind, wood, metal and spirit. They are our allies on earth, part of Gaia, Mother Earth and each of the flowers are connected to a spirit Guardian these are archetypal Goddesses and Gods they bring a very special powerful and magical energy to the flower healing. As you invoke the mystical energies of each flower with their Guardian you will connect to inner wisdom and hidden treasures for healing.

As you connect with each of the flowers they become part of your medicine chest for all flower heal and flower healing is part of an ancient knowledge.  You can learn so much from the flowers, I have written about what I know about each of the flowers and you can learn more yourself from them, you can sit with a flower, meditate with it, go on a journey with it and learn more and more from these flowers and all flowers.  They will assist you to step into another realm of consciousness to learn from them and open up your awareness to the mysteries of the flower realms.

All of the flowers are connected to Planets and you can use the Planet healing energies when you connect with the flowers e.g. Buttercup this wild flower connects with the Sun Planet and when you connect to the Buttercup for healing you will be invoking the Sun's rays, its healing energy of positivity and radiance.  In contrast when you connect with the Willow Tree you are linking into the Moon's energy of its silvery light and this is so magical. When you allow the planetary connections to come into your healing you are bringing down cosmic rays and there is more information about each of the rays in my book.  Many of this collection of flowers and trees are connected to Venus for this is the planet of the Divine Feminine of the five pointed star and brings us energies of beauty, fertility and love.

All of the flowers also link with Chakras, there are seven main chakras that most people focus on.  I always write about a minimum of eight chakras and include the Higher Heart Chakra that is situated just above the heart.  Through my own healing experiences the Higher Heart is so important for healing the whole person, it links the heart with the Divine Light it comes with the colours of soft pink, and this is the colour of the Bliss Ray of Light that Mary Magdalene gave to me.  She awakened the colour of Companion and Love, it was probably always there but needed some awakening and she bought me this light.  I have written more about the importance of the Higher Heart Chakra - The way of love chakra.

You will see that some of the flowers link with one or more chakras and you can use your intuition to which to use.  Sit with the flower and ask it if this is the flower for a particular person, for their condition/complaint/illness and listen with all your senses.  Learn the language of the flowers, using their colours, petals, stem, shapes and listen with your inner ears. Some of the flowers link with one or more chakras and you might choose a particular flower if you are doing healing on a person with a blocked chakra e.g. for the 3rd Eye you might use the Lavender Flower. The chakra system uses colours from the rainbow for each of the energy centres.  The chakra system began in India between 1500 and 500 BC and is in the oldest texts called Vedas.  In the body there are one hundred of chakras in addition to these main seven, there are chakras in the hands and feet and many more but we tend to focus on these seven.  What is a chakra?  The word means a spinning disk or wheel, it relates to a wheel of energy that runs along the spine.  The health of a person's chakra is  connected to the well being of the body, mind and emotional well being of a person. Some people read auras of the body and can see colours around a person, these are light the colours of the chakras and you can have your chakra aura read by photographic equipment, this is very interesting.  If you do try it, have one done, then do some healing or take yourself in the Now, present energy or love energy and have a second one done.  The results are most interesting to see how your aura changes with each emotion. 

Each of the chakras are energy centres and as you connect more to them, the flowers and associated colours /frequencies you will understand how they affect your health and wellbeing mind, body and spirit. The chakras vibrate at different frequencies and as energy can not be created or destroyed and the energy that flows through your body and chakras is "Chi" or "universal energy" this energy is always flowing around your body and as it does so you are affected by its flow.  At times different chakras can get blocked or stuck and this affects the human body and mind.  It can affect your energy levels, your mood swings and feelings and over time can cause illnesses.  Flowers vibrate with a very high frequency of light, they have their own life force and consciousness. There is a core energy within them that is constant too this energy links with the Flower Guardians, as you meet each of the Guardians you will receive healing from each of them.  The flowers can bring healing and harmony, wellbeing and wholeness.  There are so many different ways to use flowers for healing.  

In the body we have hundreds of chakras I often work with the hands, feet, Earth Star, Solar Star chakras in my healing and meditations.  The Hydrangea flower is connected to Pleiades and this flower will operate with cosmic chakras too.

Just as each of the colours hold a vibration and frequency, flowers too hold a vibration and frequency and as you connect more and more to the different flowers you will begin to recognise their own unique signature of light.  For all flowers are essences of divine light.  As you respond to colours and frequencies you will be using your inner wisdom and intuition to understand each of the flowers and respond to their healing energies.  Many people enjoy connecting to the flowers and their colours in their gardens, window boxes, homes and open space etc flowers can be used for healing in so many ways. Notice how you feel uplifted when you bring flowers into your home, workspaces etc.  Or how you feel when you visit a park or garden.  I often meet friends at a garden centre just to be in the uplifting energies of the flowers

* tinctures

* distance or in person healing sessions

* use different colour flowers for chakra balancing

If you are interested in Rose Healing I have a book called Unlocking your Abundance with Mary Magdalene and this is a 22 days course with the energy of 8 roses.  If you purchase the book you will receive 8 Guided Meditations to support the course. 

There are so many ways to use flowers for healing, you can use flower essences, essential oils, apply ointments, compressions, tonics, cordials, flower teas, use perfumes, create flower bowls for healing and invoke the healing energies in a journey or meditation.  You can send distant healing to yourself and others with flowers and use many different parts of the plant eg leaves, petals, roots etc. Read about making flower essences, oils, perfumes etc in Part 4. NB some of flowers are toxic and this will be indicated with specific information pertaining to each flower.

* flower essences

* essential oils

* drinking flower teas

* compresses

* ointments

* tonics

* perfumes

* enchantments

* balms

* invoke the flower energies with other healing e.g. Rose Reiki

* invoke the Flower Guardians for healing e.g. Rose with Mary Magdalene

* using crystals with your flower healing

* invoke or channel planetary rays of light

* spiritual guidance with the flowers

For each of the Flowers there is a meditation or journey and spiritual guidance these are for you read and use for your own connection to each of the Flowers and their Guardians.

Image by Robert Woeger


Winter 19th December 2022

In the United Kingdom winter, the flowers die down, the trees have shed their leaves and we go into our dormant phase, it can be difficult to keep going at the same pace as summer during the months of winter. Most of the flowers or leaves are now evergreens or with berries.  If you grew Helichrysum flowers now you can have dried ones in your home.

This is the long-awaited Winter Solstice, the return of the light, in effect you don't really see more daylight in the terms of longer days until the end of February, but it begins here on the shortest days and longest of nights.  Just as I love the Midsummer Solstice I look forward to Yule, for the return of the light.   This is the time of Christmas too, of the birth of Jesus Christ and we celebrate that all over the world with our modern-day feasts, presents, and celebrations with families and friends.

This is the time of Christed Light and of gold and wise men, a time of Mother Mary becoming the mother and of stables and humble beginnings, it is a time of Joy and Hope too.

At this time of year, the Holly King now loses his power and the Oak King comes back with his strength growing day by day.  There is always this balance between the Holly and the Oak trees that play out in our celebrations of the Yule time of year.

Yule 21st December brings us the return of the Light, with the Winter Solstice

  • Oak Tree 

  • Witch hazel 

  • Poinsettia 

  • Viola 

  • Snowdrop


Monday 19th December 2022 7.30pm

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