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Teacher, Poet, Writer, Wayshower, Cosmic Weaver, Soul Intuitive and Healer, Priestess, Dreamer

I am a Pisces, Sun & Moon, very spiritual, an evidential medium, energy intuitive and have been sensitive all my life.  I saw spirits and loved ones as a child and have always been interested in these things.  It runs in my family my mother was Clairvoyant and her mother was too.  Throughout my life, spirituality has been at the core, from reading and playing cards as a child, to tarot then to developing healing and mediumship.  It seems a journey of growth, healing, receiving and sharing and this is how I generally work. 

As I learn, and receive light codes and channel messages, I share either open with my clients or on FB and in books.  I am always receiving downloads, and more light and this comes in flames, rays, colours, inspiration and you will find I am always working with light in this way. 

When I was fully developing my mediumship I was always asking Spirit, God, how to improve my messages and connection and at this time I used crystals to amplify my connection, then I was drawn time and time again to Mary Magdalene and Priestess Course.  This I took up with my tutor Margaret Hunt and never looked back. 

I was born near Glastonbury in Somerset and lived there for my first seven years, they say take a child at seven and I will show you the man or woman.  At seven I had moved houses four times, I was empathetic, bright, eager to learn, loved nature, flexible and inquisitive and I am sure those skills and personality traits remain with me today.  

I have a love for Somerset and the areas between the coast and the Quantock Hills, in those villages filled with wonder and wildflowers my heart is there near Holford and Kilve and we visit there as often as we can. 

My journey with Mary Magdalene began in 2016 and continues throughout my writings, teachings and healing energies.  

I have two grown-up children and live in Staffordshire with my husband and dog. I was a secondary school teacher for most of my career and am now retired and teach the Priestess Courses, Flame Attunements and Community Gatherings.

I write in my spare time, I have four books - Unlocking Your Abundance with Mary Magdalene, Flowers of the Quantocks (Autobiography), Sacred Temple of the White Flame & Mystical Guardians Gaia's Healing Garden. 

I offer Soul to Soul Readings now, I offer a few a month because I like my energy to be at its highest, so we can connect deeply to the reading and guidance. 

I offer workshops for initiations and attunements to share my light codes and Magdalene flame and ray energies.  

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Within a past life I lived at the time of Magdalene within the families connected to the Essenes my life was planned to be of service to the coming Messiah to that of Yeshua and his beloved, this was Mary Magda, she was my spiritual teacher and companion,  my family chose me  to be betrothed to Michael when I was reaching womanhood, before this, they sent me a way to learn all the ways of the great ancient Mysteries so that I could be a healer for my community, There were too many intrusions to the life that was planned for Yeshua and Mary for they were destined for great teachings.  They were bringing "The Way" and new "Way" with religion, taking back the scriptures to their "Core Way" this was the "Way of Love".  Their love for one another was of mutual respect and of perfect balance but this was not on their earthly plane and this was taken from them far to soon.  The rising of the conflicts that were against Yeshua's teaching grew far and wide as the heads of state, and heads of religious houses feared the changes of thought and resisted a new "Way of Being" so the crucifixion came much sooner than the Elders in the Essenes expected and all was changed so quickly.  


I had returned from my third visit to Alexandra in Egypt when it all went horribly wrong, so fast, so violent, my family went into hiding and I ran away to be with the sisterhood of Mary and Mother Mary. 

After the crucifixion I was with Mary and the other sisters there were at least 12 of us and more that came, the tomb was filled with us, as we stood over this body, we gave healing and placed anointments and healing herbs and potions.  Yeshua was in so much pain and suffering but there was still breath in his lungs, he never spoke as if in a trance as we tireless worked our healing light and healing ways throughout day and night.  As we worked some slept and then we took turns so there was always the circle of women working at this side.    After he arose he was alive, and then we girls were instructed to go to see the Elders plan our next moves.  It was unsafe for us to still live in our homes and our families were fearful of what might happen.  It was a scary but very sad time for "The Way" was about not being frightened but this is what we became so quickly.  It wasn't time to bring this to the collective consciously, Mary said we had to go far away to prepare for the future, to spread the word of the "The Way" so that in time people would understand it more and it would become part of their lives.  So we set off on our journey ........................................................

I have seen Yeshua many times, in the tomb with Mary and others, on the Sermon of the Mount, in my heart and received his Deep Passionate Love or all that is.  This I call the Passion of Christ it is Red and is the Way of Love that Yeshua was teaching up over 2000 years ago and wants us to teach once more.

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