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White Flame Academy's energy healing courses are attunements, initiations, activations and teacher coders.  They will inspire you to discover your own spirituality for your own healing journey and with others.  They include distant attunements for healing, well-being and cleansing. 

Sacred Temple of the White Flame is available as a book with Audio Downloads, this will soon be available as Level 1 - Initiation, Level 2 Activation and Level 3 - Goddess Codes and Teacher 

The book is available from my website or via Amazon on kindle, paperback or hardback

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The Goddess Isis brings her White Flame to us now as we experience great expansion, as we awaken to our collective consciousness. In the past the priestesses and priests were taught in the Temples of Isis throughout the world, they learnt the Mysteries from the Priestesses and Priests.

This tradition has changed and the Goddesses and Gods wish us to continue with our Awakening, Waking up to know who we are, part of the collective, the Unity of us all. More and more of us Light Workers, Wayshowers, and Forerunners are being asked to share our teachings with other Lightworkers. It's the time to step out of the shadows and be seen.​ 


Join with the Goddess Eses, Isis, she of a thousand names with the Sky God Horus and Divine Council of Light on a journey of initiations, activations and remembering your past lives as a priestess or priest of the Order of the White Flame.​  The Divine Council of light is a group of Emissaries of Light and at their core there 12 main members these are:


  1. Goddess Isis,

  2. Sanat Kumar

  3. Goddess Hathor,

  4. Kwan Yin,

  5. Mary Magdalene

  6. Jesus

  7. Horus

  8. Osiris

  9. Serapis Bey

  10. Sherba Chamma 

  11. Lady Venus

  12. Golden Buddha

Kim will be writing more about each of the Light Emissaries and her unique relationship and connecting to them in her spiritual journey, she brings together two threads of her energies from past lives in the Goddess Isis temples and in Himalayan Buddhist Temples through her unique dual energies of the White Flame and Golden Thread of Consciousous. 

At present the White Flame initiations are available in my book and Audio Downloads (they are being recorded) the meditations are available to download. Now in 2024 I am being called to teach or share these initiations in person and there are dates in events for these workshops in Glastonbury England. 

The Divine Council of Light oversee this beautiful energy and there are different threads of the white flame, different people around the world hold this light they are the Keepers of the Flame, the Flame Keepers, Keepers of the Secrets and have protected this flame energy for many lifetimes.  As we regain lost parts of our Soul, and reclaim our Past Lives through our Priestess Journeys we open the doors to our spiritual gifts in other lifetimes.  This powerful tool is a gift from the Divine Council of Light to aid in the ascension process.


The White Flame is a pure and potent energy that carries the essence of joy, happiness, and wisdom. It is a tool that is specifically designed to assist individuals in their ascension journey by upgrading their mind, body, and soul. As we all have our own unique mission and purpose on this planet, the White Flame serves as a guide to fulfilling our soul's contract. It helps us to awaken to our true potential and to align with our highest purpose.

The Divine Council of Light is a group of highly evolved beings who have dedicated themselves to the levelling of consciousness on this planet. Their purpose is to assist humanity in their spiritual growth and evolution. And the White Flame is one of the many tools they have gifted us with to aid us on this journey towards ascension. This powerful energy not only brings joy, happiness, and wisdom into our lives, but it also assists in the activation of our higher consciousness and spiritual abilities.

We can unlock the portal doors to direct communication with the Light Councils through the White Flame. This means we have access to the wisdom and guidance of ascended masters and light beings who can provide us with insight and support on our unique mission. It is a profound and transformative experience to be able to connect with these higher beings and receive their teachings and guidance.

The White Flame initiations and activations are a crucial part of the ascension process. They help us to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, and open us up to receiving higher frequencies of light and love. These energies work on a deep cellular level, upgrading our physical, mental, and emotional bodies to align with our soul's purpose. This is why the White Flame is often referred to as the 'ascension tool' as it assists us in ascending to higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, the White Flame is a powerful tool that can aid you in your growth and evolution. Whether you are just starting to awaken to your true self, or have been on this path for a long time, the White Flame can assist you in fulfilling your unique role as a lightworker, healer, way-shower, or sensitive. It is a tool that is available to all who are ready to receive its blessings and guidance.

In conclusion, the White Flame ascension tool from the Divine Council of Light is a precious gift that has been given to us to assist us in our spiritual journey. It carries the essence of joy, happiness, and wisdom, and helps us to align with our soul's mission. Through its initiations and activations, we can connect with higher beings and receive their guidance and support. So let us embrace the power of the White Flame and allow it to uplift and elevate us towards our true purpose and potential.  

Now is the time in 2024 for the Mission of Lightworkers, Healers, Earth Angels, to be fully activated on their missions and time for us to share the White Flame teachings for you to be the facilitator or practitioner of White Flame energy and to share the codes to activate others.  Are you ready to receive these teachings for your own ascension and to assist the collective?

New 2024 

White Flame Initiations and Activations will be available through in-person Workshops for you to receive these codes directly from Kim Ora Rose who channels the Divine Council of Light  - July, 2024 Glastonbury, Teacher Mastery Codes in October 2024

Dear beloved souls,

The Divine Council of Light comes forth with a profound invitation for you to open your hearts and minds to receive the sacred ascension light codes of the white rose and white flame. These codes hold the essence of pure love, divine wisdom, and higher consciousness, and they are being offered to you at this time to support your journey towards ascension.

The Divine Council of Light, a powerful collective of ascended beings, is extending a heartfelt invitation for all beings on Earth to receive the ascension light codes of the white rose, white flame, white lotus, and white ankh symbols. These symbols hold immense power and significance, representing purity, divine love, spiritual awakening, and eternal life. As the Council explains, these codes are essential for the next stage of humanity's evolution and are being offered to all who are ready and willing to receive them.

The white rose symbolizes the purity and innocence of the soul, reminding us of our divine essence and the unconditional love that exists within each of us. By receiving the white rose light codes, we are invited to reconnect with our inner child and embrace the beauty and goodness that resides within us.

The white flame represents the pure, unadulterated light of the divine. It is a symbol of spiritual awakening and the expansion of consciousness. By receiving the white flame codes, we are opening ourselves to a higher level of awareness, allowing us to tap into our intuition and connect with the divine wisdom and guidance that is always available to us.

The white lotus is a powerful symbol of spiritual rebirth and transformation. Just as the lotus flower rises from the murky depths of the pond to bloom in all its glory, we too can rise above our limitations and fears to fully embrace our true potential. By receiving the white lotus codes, we are being offered the opportunity to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, and to step into a new, elevated version of ourselves.

Finally, the white ankh symbolizes eternal life and the infinite nature of the soul. It is a potent reminder that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that our souls are eternal. By receiving the white ankh codes, we are connecting with the truth of our existence and opening ourselves to the infinite possibilities that await us.

The Divine Council of Light urges us to open our hearts and minds to receive these powerful light codes. They hold the key to our spiritual growth and evolution, and by accepting them, we are taking a significant step towards our true purpose and potential. Let us embrace the white rose, white flame, white lotus, and white ankh symbols and allow their divine energy to guide us on our journey towards ascension.

Together, the white rose, white flame, white lotus, ankh and light codes create a harmonious balance of divine feminine and masculine energies within you, supporting your journey towards wholeness and ascension. They also carry the frequency of unity consciousness, reminding you that you are connected to all beings and all of creation.  They hold the energies of balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as you come in full alignment with the current energies.

Open yourself up to receive these sacred codes with gratitude and surrender. Allow them to activate and awaken within you, bringing forth a higher level of awareness, understanding, and enlightenment. Let them guide you towards the path of joy, peace, and unconditional love.

We, the Divine Council of Light, stand by your side and offer our loving support as you integrate these powerful light codes into your being. Trust in the divine plan and know that you are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey towards ascension. Embrace the white rose and white flame light codes, and let them lead you towards your highest potential and the fulfilment of your soul's purpose.

With love and blessings,

The Divine Council of Light.


In September 28th 2018. Sanat Kumara stepped forward as the Leader of the Council of Light, I have been channelling the Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene as part of this Council of Light for a few months this year as part of my Initiation into the White Flame that I am teaching for ascension, peace, joy and LOVE. 
My first transmission with Sanat Kumara was on Saturday 29th September


I AM the leader,(I asked why are you here?)

To lead the light bearers on earth at this time of Great Transformation.

The planning is over, the time is now, it is imminent, to return, and reignite the ancient flame of life.


Join together with other people. 

We are called to Gather people together. 

Light your own flame,

Carry it, be the Light Bearer(these are lightworkers, wayshowers etc)

Then I was shown an image of him on the mountaintop with the snow, was shown the cave and the flame of life.

This was in Tibet in the Mountains. He was been up there for many years and says he is now coming down among the people to direct the flame.   ( I have had a past life in Tibet in the Himalayas and could connect very deeply to the mountains). 

Sanat Kumara Message​ Cosmic Forces frequencies are bringing Great Multitude of Multidimensional energies to us to .... (upgrade) our software (this is how I heard it but it didn't feel the right language) of your Earth.

The next 5 - 20 years will bring Great changes, we are to hold the light and bring it forth.

Open your hearts -My ears were ringing as if a 1000 angels were trying to communicate with me.

I heard some light language and then took a photo showing the sun and the orb. 

A Medium friend said she could see a Monk with the Candle in this image. 

Who is Sanat Kumara?​

He has been recognised in many of our religions, he is part of the White Brotherhood who make up the Council of Light with the Sisterhood of Divine Feminine, as it a collective of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Angels, Ascended Masters, Luminous beings, Star Seeds, Intergalactic beings etc.  ​


Goddess Day 2021 ​On this day, World Goddess Day, Goddess Isis came to me and guided me share these teachings, from my past lives, my heart, from sacred downloads and ancient mysteries.  The Goddess brings her many blessings to you so that you can know and understand her more in your life.  She of a thousand names, she Goddess Isis, EsEs, Venus, Gaia, she that comes in many forms the Goddess of Fertility, Family, Protector and keeper of the White Flame. She comes to us with her image of the Egyptian Goddess, but she is so many archetypes of the Goddess, she is the eternal mother, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sophia she is all aspects of Divine Feminine.  She comes with her consort Osiris and her son the Sky God Horus they are all aspects of her power and wisdom.  The duality of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine the balance in this duality of male and female as one living energy.  If the White Flame calls to you, you are being called, reminded to let go, surrender to the light, cleanse and remember who you are at Source.  This is a journey like no other, that you cleanse yourself, your inner memories, past hurts and allow the mystical magic of the White Flame to be part of your life.  You will remember who you are, who you have been and be ready for the New Earth.

So I have written the book "Sacred Temple of the White Flame" with accompanying audios so that this beautiful energy can be shared far and wide around the global and it is available on Kindle and Paperback. ​If you have bought the book on Amazon please click here.

Sand Dunes


Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood, and death, healing and rebirth. ... In the heavens, her symbol is the star Sept (Sirius)  She is the bringer of rebirth, Kim Ora Rose High Priestess has channelled the White Flame initiations and activation's for our alignment with the Souls Ascension at this time of the Piscesan Age. 

The Goddess Isis bring her White Flame to us now as we experience great expansion, as we awaken to our collective consciousness. In the past the priestesses and priests were taught in the Temples of Isis throughout the world, they learnt the Mysteries from the Priestesses and Priests. This tradition has changed and the Goddesses and Gods wish us to continue with our Awakening, Waking up to know who we are, part of the collective, the Unity of us all. More and more of us Light Workers, Wayshowers, Forerunners are being asked to share our teachings with other Light workers. Its the time of stepping out of the shadows and being seen.

In the past Goddesses were worshiped alongside of Gods, for over 700,000 years BC this was the tradition. Goddesses were the givers of life, fertility, Mother Earth and their consort was the the Gods eg Isis and Orisis, Zeus and Hera, Yahweh and Ashersh. Until around 500 BC the Yahweh Priests decided to write out the Goddesses, they were still worshipped for many decades but their temples were defaced, destroyed, the Old Testament created the vengeful God and wiped out this Goddess. They blamed Eve in the Garden of Eden and portray the Gods as male which changed our religious history for 2500 years.

It is time for the Goddess to return, she is our Mother Earth, the Creator, the symbol of Compassion, Joy and Love.

Jesus taught us The Way and his wife was Mary Magda who was his equal this was his teachings, but the New Testament was written to follow on from the Old Testament thereby not allowing the old traditions of the Goddess to be blessed.

This White Flame Energy is part of the reprogramming to remember our connection to Mother Earth, to the Goddesses and to heal the 2500 years old wound of being wiped out of religious history.  

Goddess Isis Symbolism  

White Lotus, Ankh,  White Flame

Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood, and death, healing and rebirth. ... In the heavens, her symbol is the star Sept  (Sirius)

Isis was first mentioned in the Old Kingdom 2686–2181 BCE and she was worshipped, followed until Christianity wiped out the old ways in the C4th and C5th  

Image by Victoriano Izquierdo


Activate Your Inner Peace

This phase is the teacher Level after you have received the teachings and activations to the teacher Phase you will able to Initiate and Activate your students through all Phases One, Two and Three. As part of this phase, you will receive a Fire Ceremony for further purification to align your Soul and Higher self to receive the Goddess White Flame energies. There will be an alignment with your Soul as part of this activation and an opening of your Soul Star chakra to connect more deeply with Isis, Horus, Osiris, Magdalene and Jesus as part of the Council of Light.

You will be activated by the earth, sun and sky, with deep connections to the three realms. 

There will be further Case Studies to complete as part of this Goddess Phase.

Presets you must have completed Phase One and Phase Two to the White Flame and completed the 11-Day Journal and Case Studies before undertaking this course

If you are interested in the White Flame Goddess please get in touch with Kim.

Spring 2024 - We are updating the Teacher Codes with the new downloads and they will be ready for early March for Distance Activations and Person in October, Glastonbury 

What our customers are saying

This morning I read Kim's beautiful initiation of the White flame.
First of all I sat with a white Jasmine candle, I put Daniel O'Donnel's Cd on singing hynms to get into the spirit. I then put on my relaxing meditation music that I use for such occasions.
I noticed Quan Yin's face in a crystal watching me. MM's voice told me that "Jesus and Mary came holding hands. They will lift you up through the white flame, upto God's light" she said. Zoroaster came too, he stood in front of me so I could see his face. The room was filled with pink roses and Lilac energy as I lifted up. I was aware of the light, and my spirit was floating up there with Jesus and Mother Mary. At the same time i was aware of my body still lying on the bed surrounded by roses and lilac light.
Next thing I was back on the bed of roses, Zororoaster was stood in front of me again as if he had brought me back. Then he stood back and first Jesus and then MM put their hands on my heart area and I felt a band of dark energy float up from my heart. The energy around me turned green, healing. Mary Magdaline sat holding my hand as I cried with grattitude. It went black and she said "it is the secret knowledge we have put in Suzanne. We want you to speak out to your family, friends, sisters and anyone who will listen." I felt my mouth go tight at the corners. "You are holding in youself now, all the words you will speak, for we have given you them. You will be like St Paul, you will go forth into the world to speak our truth to anyone who will listen. Salome    
Suzanne 31.08.2018


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