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White Flame Academy's energy healing courses are attunements, initiations, activations and teacher coders.  They will inspire you to discover your own spirituality for your own healing journey and with others.  They include distant attunements for healing, well-being and cleansing. 

Sacred Temple of the White Flame is available as a book with Audio Downloads, this will soon be available as Level 1 - Initiation, Level 2 Activation and Level 3 - Goddess Codes and Teacher 

The book is available from my website or via Amazon on kindle, paperback or hardback


The Goddess Isis bring her White Flame to us now as we experience great expansion, as we awaken to our collective consciousness. In the past the priestesses and priests were taught in the Temples of Isis throughout the world, they learnt the Mysteries from the Priestesses and Priests.
This tradition has changed and the Goddesses and Gods wish us to continue with our Awakening, Waking up to know who we are, part of the collective, the Unity of us all. More and more of us Light Workers, Wayshowers, and Forerunners are being asked to share our teachings with other Lightworkers. Its the time of stepping out of the shadows and being seen.​Join with the Goddess Eses, Isis, she of a thousand names with the Sky God Horus and Divine Council of Light on a journey of initiations, activations and remembering your past lives as a priestess or priest of the Order of the White Flame.​Mastery - Teacher Codes coming very soon ​At present the White Flame initiations are available in my book and Audio Downloads (they are being recorded) but you will soon be able to download as a course with book/manual and audio transmissions.