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Sun, 18 Feb



Being in the Heart -cancelled refunds being sent

Deep dive into your heart energy to connect with Mary Magdalene's Higher Heart Healing Connect with Mary Magdalene's higher heart healing by diving deep into your heart energy. The Higher Heart is a Portal to Creativity and Inspiration.

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Being in the Heart -cancelled refunds being sent
Being in the Heart -cancelled refunds being sent

Time & Location

18 Feb 2024, 11:00 – 16:00

Yoxall, 8PG, Hadley St, Yoxall, Burton-on-Trent DE13 8PG, UK


About the event

Date Sunday 18th February 2024 

11 am to 4 pm 

Being in the Heart means that you are stepping into your heart energy to centre yourself in every situation. • You communicate and hold your boundaries with people in your life • You are honest about your needs and wants and honest with yourself • You gain awareness about your fears and what you think about yourself • You step into feeling bliss, love and your purpose. • You will look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love every part of yourself • Find yourself in your Self Love, in your heart energy This workshop gives you the insights to see yourself as others see you, it will set you free from your fears of lack and unworthiness. Kim will guide you through her tools for acting out of self-love with her easy-to-follow processes to be in the heart of self-love each and every day. This workshop is designed to show you how to live your life from the heart with tools and energy Kim holds to share with you. A bit about Kim To be honest I used to really struggle with Self Love, I am hugely emotional and sensitive and I used to see this as a weakness, now I know my sensitivity is a superpower, an essential part of my personality.  I was suicidal as a young adult and felt touches of this energy as an adult, with a family and ever ever-demanding career.  I have always found a way to continue with my life even from moments of deep despair and the secret is self-love, being in the heart, listening to myself and putting myself at the heart of my life.  And this is what I bring to the table, to the workshop, that we can all lose our way, and we can find ourselves lost, but we can all come back to love too. You will learn about some of the ways that will bring you back to your heart and how to live from the heart.

Being in the Heart with Mary Magdalene Workshop is a special gathering that takes place in the heart of the Midlands, in a magical location near the heart of the Forest of Needwood. Surrounded by the enchanting beauty of nature, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect with the energy of Mary Magdalene and journey into the depths of our hearts.  The focus of this workshop is on heart-centred practices such as meditation, forgiveness, self-love, honouring your heart and initiation to Magdalene's Pink Bliss energy.

These practices will help you to open your hearts and release any blockages or negative emotions that may be holding you back from experiencing pure love and joy. 

The schedule for the gathering is from 11am to 4pm and includes a Sacred Being in the Heart Ceremony, a deep dive into our hearts for forgiveness, and receiving inner guidance to release any heart chakra blockages. Magdalene’s Pink Bliss Initiation (by Kim Ora Rose Founder, Author & Magdalene Priestess).

One of the highlights of the workshop is the creation of a heart expansion essential oil blend, which will support you on your journey towards a deeper connection with your heart.

  • Receive Magdalene Pink Bliss Initiation
  • Create Heart Energy Anointing Oil
  • Create a Rose flower essence
  • Heart Sound Healing
  • Clear Heart Blockages, forgiveness and open up to more love
  • Clear blockages in your inspiration and creativity
  • Opening Your Higher Heart Portal to Divine Connection 
  • Opens you up to receiving sounds and light language 

You will also create a divine heart flower essence, harnessing the power of nature to aid us in our inner exploration through the gentle but powerful energy of flowers, with rose energies and crystals.

In addition to these heart-centred practices, the workshop will also incorporate sound healing. (With Kerry Dawes)Sound healing is based on the principle that everything in the universe is made up of vibrations, and by using specific sounds with loving intention, we can heal and balance our entire being. During the workshop, you will allow sound to connect to your emotions and balance your heart centre. By using sound healing, we can release any emotional blockages that may be affecting our hearts and experience a deep sense of inner peace and harmony.

To fully immerse ourselves in this heart-centred experience, we are encouraged to dress appropriately for the occasion. As this will be both an indoor and outdoor event, it is recommended to warm up and come prepared for all weather conditions. Forest Harvest is a rustic woodland centre, with a Woodmill venue, there will be heating provided.

By the end of the workshop, you will have opened your heart, released any blockages, forgiven yourself and others, and filled yourselves with love and compassion.  You will initiated into Mary Magdalene's Pink Bliss which you can initiate others to use for your own healing and with others. 

You will carry this experience with you, knowing that your hearts are a sacred space and that you have the power to heal and transform yourselves through the power of sound and our connection to the divine.

This workshop will be a journey into the heart, guided by the loving energy of Mary Magdalene, and a reminder that pure bliss and love reside within us at all times.

Please wrap up warm, aspects will be outside and there is heating in the loft. 

Bring a packed lunch

Refreshments will be available drinks, soup, bread and cakes 

Early Bird Price £44 Sign up by 31st January 2024

Standard Price £55

Rustic Location

Forest Harvest

Woodmill Workshop

Dunstall Lane

Hadley End



DE13 8PG



If you have Covid or Flu, please do not attend the event, let Kim know and she will offer an alternative date or refund or exchange of tickets for another event. Thank you for understanding (Kim has asthma and a vulnerable lung condition and other attendees may have other vulnerabilities.  ) This is to protect each other.  I appreciate your understanding.

If for any reason that Kim has to cancel or postpone due to weather, there will be refunds or alternative dates offered

Magdalene Pink Bliss Certificate Included (PDF of the Manual will be emailed to you, printed at additional cost of £10)

All materials for the oils and flower essence will be provided. 

I am Kim Ora Rose, I am a Mary Magdalene High Priestess and I hold many different energies that I offer as initiations.  One of my signature energies is this beautiful Pink Bliss Divine Light.  This was a direct gift from Mary Magdalene which I received when I visited her Cave in Provence in 2019.

Mary Magdalene often calls to people, you might hear her name and be interested, you might receive an oracle card reading and she comes up to remind you to tap into your own Self Love.  This course will initiate you to your own Bliss energy, to feel your own peace, you can channel this light for yourself or as a healing modality.  Once you are initiated you can initiate others there is no need to be a Reiki Master to receive this energy but a desire to seek more love in your life.

If you are new to energy healing or have been initiated to reiki or angelic reiki or other reiki’s you will feel how this is different in its vibration, is pure and comes from the Divine Feminine. When you use the energy it will build more and more over time within you.

I received this initiation directly from Mary Magdalene when I visited her holy cave at Sainte Baume, this is a cave in Provence. I visited there on 21st June 2019 as part of a Magdalene Pilgrimage. I may have been attuned to this energy in a past life for I know I lived alongside Magdalene and Jesus and was part of the very early church. When Mary was spreading the Way of Love, in those early years and after the crucifixion.

Join me with my love of Mary Magdalene, she is my sister and constant guide, she brings in her healing energies, through roses, rays, flames and I hold many different frequencies of energy connected to her.  She moved to the South of France after the cruxificition and lived out her life with her sister Martha, her children and friends in Europe.  There are many places to visit in France connected to her and she brings love and blessings to whoever connects with her.

This energy comes as Pink Bliss energy it’s not a ray or flame as I have received before, it is an initiation of the Heart and Higher Heart Centre, it is an expansion of the Heart and flows from the heart. Often the Heart Centre is felt in green or pink colours and rose quartz crystals blend so well with this energy. It is a very high vibrational energy that fills you will Bliss energy.

Bliss is calming, peaceful, and gentle but very powerful, it embodies the energy from Mary Magdalene herself and she brings this energy to you too.  Bliss brings love and compassion, understanding and nurturing of yourself and others, it is light and fills your aura and chakras with a sense of serenity.

Bliss is the Soul at peace,

it is a happiness that flows over you

Moment by Moment

Divine Light

Kim Ora Rose

Magdalene High Priestess

Author, Oracle, Healer, RoseSister


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