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Soul Readings & Healing with Kim 

I offer two different Soul and Higher Self sessions they are both very powerful experiences, Soul Intuitive Readings and Soul Healing they can be booked individual or as a Bundle combined longer session. 

Soul Intuitive Readings

Soul In depth Guidance Readings with Kim Ora Rose. In these sessions Kim will connect with your Higher Self to bring you messages and guidance. These readings can help refocus, find yourself, unlock hidden potentials and offer an insight. Sessions are via Zoom and Recorded I have always been an intuitive since an early age, I was reading energy, auras, cards, as a child I could see into an a person or place and knew about the hidden realms. My intuitive guidance will show you the energy patterns around you, your gifts, can help you clear obstacles on your path. Your reading will include an aura scan, connecting with your Higher Self, Past Lives and guidance for this life. Experience the power of Soul Intuitive Guidance with me at Rose Temple. Through an in-depth, soul-to-soul intuition, I will channel messages from your spirit guides and higher self. During our Zoom call, I will help you gain clarity on your life path and provide you with the insights and messages you need. Together, we will uncover your true north and the inspiration you need to move forward. Make an appointment today and start your journey. This 60 mins Zoom Reading is recorded and sent to you after the reading. ​30 mins Readings start from £75 If this interest you book your appointment below you can chose between 30 mins and 60 mins

Soul Healing with Kim

Soul Healing Dive in with Kim with Christ Conscious Light, Magdalene Bliss and White Flame healing energies, I use a combination of rays, flames, flowers and art to remove your blockages and fill you with joy, love and light. ​I shall explore your aura, higher self and Soul to bring you deep healing for you. Experience the unique healing modality of Soul Healing at Rose Temple. Developed by Kim Ora Rose, this modality combines powerful energetic vibrations of flowers and art to create a meditative journey of healing. During this journey, you will receive healing from the flowers and their spirit guardians. Whether you're looking for deep inner healing or to clear blockages in order to move forward, Soul Healing can help you find what you need. Healing Sessions are on Zoom or Whatsapp, Can be Recorded on either and sent as an MP3 Allow 60 mins and 30 Mins Sessions available from £75

Soul Bundle Reading/Guidance & Healing Session

You can book a Bundle or combined session this would be longer by its nature and would start with the Soul Reading aspect leading into a Soul Healing to remove the patterns, balance your energy fields, cleanse and restore you Mind, Body and Spirit with new coded light and light language. I use White Flame energy together with light codes, I work very intuitively to create bespoke sessions for you.

Image by Joanna Kosinska
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