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Magdalene Pink Bliss Divine Light 

This page lists people who have been attuned to Pink Bliss Divine Light 

If you are interested in being attuned to this energy, you can do so via the website or Udemy.  

Pink Bliss Divine Light Practitioners

If you have been Initiated into this healing modality don't hesitate to get in touch with us to be added to the website - I shall be updating this page soon and can add your website or contact links if you wish 

Madeleine Rule

Lisa Glover

Rachael Gaskin

Felicity Porter

Emma Jackson

Helena Monger

Ishtara Rose 

Adriana Vais

Marcy Shulman

Jay Burrell

Sharlene Ferguson

Mariela Salazar

Sreenath G R

Keera Holmes-Koonce

Vuyokazi L Ngwenya

Kimberley McGee

Katharina Struber

Caroline Mu Djuissi Lloyd

Elizabeta Paunoska

Dawn Orr

Linda Gallo 

Karen Pasanen

Diksha Konwar

Lorraine Oceana-Kee Rose

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