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NEW Course – Rainbow Realms – Meditation Spiritual Ascension

I put my foot in the water, teaching Pink Bliss on Udemy last September and have met some lovely people on the training platform, so last month I put on two short courses, Aquamarine Healing Ray Attunement which is my Free offering plus Eye of Horus Activation.

Rainbow Realms, was based on the 7 Weeks Rainbow Bridges of Light Meditations I did in April but has included a lot more content about energy frequency, chakras, crystals, flower essences, sacred geometry and newly recorded meditations. This course is on offer for 5 Days at £11.99 only available on Udemy at this price/content.

NEW Course – Rainbow Realms – Meditation Spiritual Ascension

Special Offer £11.99 for 5 Days

This link is loaded with the discount

Join Kim on a journey with Rainbow Realms, colours, rays, chakras, sacred geometry and ascension energies.  The course is taught with a series of videos about each energy/flame and a guided meditation. 

There are reflective journal pages for you to download for each of the rainbow realm energies.

  • Are you ready for Ascension? 

  • To let go of blockages?

  • To go deeper into the realms of colours to expand your consciousness?

  • Are you ready to ignite your inner passions, desires and dreams?

Step into the bridges of light to be the manifestor of your own life, by connecting with the I AM energy, Source, and Divine Light Codes through colour and healing rays.

Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Attunement Free Course

Mary Magdalene Bliss Divine Light Attunement

£19.99 May Offer BLISSOFFER

Eye of Horus Activation


In addition, to these I have added Magenta Flame to her attunements, this is exclusively available on her website and not available on any other platform. This is one of my signature energies that I downloaded in 2019, it came in July near the Magdalene Feast Day when I was in Glastonbury.

I hold several flame energies, just need the time to write all the manuals so that I can share them all with you, the Golden Ray/Flame is embedded within my High Priestess Course and the White Flame is within the Priestess Course.

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