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Mary Magdalene Magenta Flame

This energy was channelled by myself Kim Ora Rose first in the Summer of 2019 and more symbols were added in 2024. It is a pure high vibrational energy that Mary Magdalene wishes us to share for
the building of the new earth.

In 2024, we are being called to build energies for the future, as more and more higher frequencies are available for us to embody I have been guided to share these energies with other people. So that we can continue to raise the vibration of healing that we offer.


You will receive a 37 page Manual, Chi Ball Attunement and PDF Certificate 


After you have purchased you can book your Distance Attunement with Kim see link at the bottom 

This energy is one of Creation, and Manifesting and holds a high frequency for building the foundations for our futures. It is one you can use to help manifest your own dreams, connect with your Souls Purpose, understand what your passions are and assist with your own pathway.


Keywords - Joyful Abundance- Unity
Consciousness – 5D and Beyond
Ascension - Passion, Purpose,
Manifestation, Self-expression and Self
Acceptance, Grounding the New Earth
Energy, Higher Love, Earth Star Chakra
and Womb Sacral Chakra, Heart
Connection, Divine Union

Abundance is a state of experience of the mind, today you will remember you are not your ego, your True Self, and you are the energy of everything you are Source energy. As you connect to the Magenta Ray energy you will clear any negative thoughts about yourself and any old patterns. Mary Magdalene invites you to feel the full vibration of the “Creator” energy that you are. As you connect to the Magenta Ray fill yourself with the Magenta colour, with light and with gold, this is an alchemy of colour filled with many layers of light consciousness.

This energy can be used for personal healing and with others, it holds high potency for cleaning, building foundations and setting passions into action.


This attunement/initiation does not include the Teacher Mastery Codes they will be available separately. 


Book you Attunement - Call with Kim -



Mary Magdalene Magenta Flame

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  • After purchasing Magenta Flame, book your 40 mins Distance Attunement with Kim for a Zoom call to receive your energy


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