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Rainbow Rays
Building Bridges of Light

Grow Your Vision

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Magenta Flame 

Magenta Flame the building blocks of light, grounding, sacral, heart and crown.  Setting intentions, dreams and inspiration

Image by aslam mac

Pink Bliss Divine Light

Pink Bliss Divine Light another Mary Magdalene energy, links with the Venus Rose Transit, Sacred Geometry. 

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Blue Ray & Blue Rose 

Blue Rose of Mary Magdalene, with Venus and Gold Light Codes 

Blue Rose Magdalene .png

Holy Grail Golden Ray 

Welcome to the Golden Ray - Holy Grail Christ Consciousness Light of the Heart

Image by aslam mac

Amethyst Flame

Amethyst Flame with Mary Magdalene, third eye, crown and universal love energy bringing you into balance. 

Image by Irina Iacob

Aquamarine Dolphin Ray 

Connecting to the I AM Source, vastness of the Ocean, accompanied by Dolphin energies, Aquamarine Ray, Oceans and Source light. 

Image by Harry Holder

White Flame

Connecting to the White Flame energies of the Divine Council of Light 

Divine Council of Light (1)_edited.jpg

Products to Support Your Journey

See the Temple Shop for candles and aura sprays to support your journey 

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