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April Eclipse Energies Building

A total solar eclipse will take place at the Moon's ascending node on Monday, April 8, 2024, visible across North America and dubbed the Great North American Eclipse by some media. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. I don't think we will see much in the UK, the trajectory will be visible in the USA.

We always find eclipses powerful and on the New Moon in Aries. I for one love New Moons, they are when I manifest and do my most creation. I am usually floored by Full Moons, so they are time to rest and surrender and it's the New Moon that is my most powerful time. Now last week I was welcoming in my New Self, a new version of my Goddess Self ready for this New Moon and with my new energies of glossy wings and golden gown I am ready to step into my highest version of myself for the coming year.

In this vein, I have been creating this weekend short energy attunement courses to add to my White Flame Academy Programs and Temple Shop. The first was the Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray which is on offer this week at £22 for a Chi Ball Attunement or £44 in the Programs with videos.

Also reconnecting with Eye of Horus Activation that I received a few years ago, that is was channelled by Carol Ann Terris, and the manual has been expanded by myself. This is on offer at £9.99 for the Chi Ball Attunement, you receive the Activation, Manual and Certificate for this price.

Well, are you ready for your own intentions for this powerful New Moon and the second eclipse? I shall be setting up my altar tomorrow and offering healing and peace to the world, setting my intentions and being open to receiving light and codes. These are the times of the High Priestess the times to be ready to receive and share, times to rise up, awaken, open our frequencies and be alert for all that comes to us.

Share your eclipse and new moon experiences with us.

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