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Aquamarine Dophine Healing Ray Reiki Attunement - Emotional Healing with the Dolphins 

Channelled by Carolynn Lloyd Reiki Master 


I have been using this energy in the Building Bridges of Light - Rainbow Rays Meditation Course.  The day after I recorded the meditation, I receive a download of Blue energy.  It is very potent. 


In the summer of 2019 after going on a Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage to the South of France I began to write an abundance healing course and intuitively I chose several colours to work with on being Aquamarine and was guided to this healing modality to use in my abundance course.  This energy is in the second Abundance course (not Unlocking Your Abundance with Mary Magdalene with the roses) I shall be launching this very soon.


The energy is compelling it connects you to the sea, to healing waters and source waters of all life,  one of the places I had been visiting in the South of France was Source of Rivers and collecting water energy from different places. During my priestess journeys inward and in sacred places water is so sacred, this attunement connects you to the Aquamarine ray and is so powerful and playful with the Dolphins.  It can help you and your clients to clear emotional traumas, old memories and release them into the waters.  I found it has helped me clear a very old childhood wounding and I have used this energy with my clients.  It helped a lovely lady with ME to release some of her bindings and help her move forward, she is in a very different place now.  


The distant Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray attunement aims to connect you to the peaceful and compassionate energy associated with dolphins.


The Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray aims to gently restore harmony and balance. It works on past, present and future emotional issues and can be combined with other healing modalities.

Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray also contains a meditation you may use for self-knowledge, self-healing and amplifying aquamarine crystals.



    • Energetic connections with positive energies associated with dolphins.
    • Restore balance and harmony
    • Release emotions from the past in a gentle but powerful way
    • Release bonds and feels of being trapped to freedom


    This is an online attument with a chi ball, there is a Pdf that explains everything to you, after purchasing this attunement you will receive the PDF manual, I shall prepare the Chi Ball Attunement and will send you Certificate via email. 


    Can be used with Dolphin Aura Essence available in the Shop  (Save £2 if bought with this download - code DOLPHIN19)



    Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray Attunement

    • Priestess Courses

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