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Unveiling the unseen, seeing beyond the subtle energies

What do you know about reading auras? Is this something you know how to do? Is it something that comes naturally or is this something you would like to learn more about?

I am creating an online Aura Reading course to help you unlock the mysteries that the aura shows us, in our everyday lives and as holistic healers and intuitives. Its one of those skills of the healer, the priestess, the spiritualist and the mystic. It isn't as mainstream as yoga or meditation, but gives a deep insight into the subtle energies.

Aura Readings are going throughout the holistic world, you might have had an aura photo taken, or a Bio-resonance reading, or someone might have read your aura. I used to do these at Mind Body Spirit Fairs and they were always popular.

Knowing more about the aura's layers helps you understand energy healing more deeply and gives a dynamic to healing practices. I am an energy intuitive, it just comes as second nature because I've been sensitive all my life.

If you are curious about developing your own techniques with reading auras, you will find that your psychic abilities will increase and your intuitive skills.

When we are open spiritually, our auras can show our open energy, and at times our aura can close down when we are ill, worried, or grieving. Mine was wide open after my Dad passed, and was full of golden light, it went through a massive expansion phase. I shall include some upgraded light energies into my course with opening activations.

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