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Beltane Blessings

Introducing our new Workbooks, Guidebooks for the Wheel of the Year sabbats and festivals, since starting the gatherings last year, I thought its would be beautiful to create my own journal workbooks, like I do for the Priestess Courses. So here we have the first one....

Beltane Guidebook by yours truly Kim, with divination, history, info, tea recipe, fire ritual and more....


  • Overview of this Beltane festival and its history.

  • A list of crystals, Goddesses, Gods, essential oils, animals, flowers and trees associated with Beltane.

  • Beltane Fire Ritual

  • Beltane Attraction Ritual Beltane Divination: A divination method specific to Beltane celebrations.Beltane Tea Recipes: Blossom Tea recipe to attract abundance and fertility

Happy Beltane!

Download for just £3.33

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