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Eye of Horus Activation Channelling by Carol Ann Tessier

Manual by Carol Ann Tessier and Kim Ora Rose


5th Dimensional Energies of Light The New Higher Frequencies and The Eye of Horus Activation

The Eye of Horus Activation (EOH) is a gateway that connects you to the 5th-dimensional energies of light and higher frequencies. The EOH Activation provides the opening that creates a reservoir of celestial energy within your own energy field. This reservoir of celestial energy then anchors and infuses your energy field continuing the journey by going out to the universe and returning to you constantly renewing itself within you. Your connection with our Sacred Mother Earth is also strengthened and aligned and our divine earth mother nurtures you. As we build this reservoir, we re-calibrate our physical, emotional, mental and spirit body, releasing old programming, and negative patterns, and creating a stronger foundation or matrix. This in turn activates more of our Divine Blueprint and can connect us more efficiently to our Light body.


This course specifically works with the Eye of Horus energy activation to help you connect to the 5th dimension light frequencies for spiritual development. Connecting to the 5th-dimensional energies will help you recalibrate your celestial body of light so you can advance as a light worker. Working with the Eye of Horus you will be able to increase your base vibrational rate which in turn will upgrade your energy levels, and assist you in downloading new codes to help build a stronger foundation in your matrix energy fields.


This course is a full-energy alignment for your light body. As your light body is brought into alignment with these finer frequencies of light, your awareness and your ability to heal will be expanded.


Connecting with these very powerful, amazing energies, you will find your ability to experience peace, joy, abundance and harmony greatly enhanced.


If you have currently been feeling the need to: –

Make significant changes to the way you experience life.

Develop your gift of alchemy.

Explore new realities and energy fields to enhance your healing abilities.

Accelerate and upgrade your existing psychic skills.

Awaken your light body.


You will receive a Chi Ball Activation - Attunement, Manual and Certificate 


Eye of Horus Activation

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