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If you wish for some spiritual ascension guidance, Kim will work with as a Soul Sister, Oracle, Elder with a personal session for you to receive inner guidance, inner insight.  Kim will connect with your Soul and sense your journey and where you are at, offer you signposts for this time.   She will bring you messages from your higherself and guides with the support of the Divine Council of Light and a light transmission for you.


Soul to Soul Intuitive Reading with Kim Ora Rose she will connect with your Soul, your life's path, and your mission and connect to transmute any blockages in your life.  This is reading like no other mediumship reading, it will bring clarity and direction with deep Soul Guidance with the Divine Council of Light. 


You are probably wondering by now if a soul oracle reading is right for you?
We cannot pretend to know the answer to that question. Only you can be sure.
Here are some questions that can help guide you toward a decision:
•    Does my path have a purpose?
•    Do I understand what obstacles are in my path?
•    Am I taking advantage of my talents?
•    Do I have trauma from this or a past life that needs healing?
•    Do I feel connected to my ancestors or spirit guides?

If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to any of those questions, you might want to consider a soul reading for yourself.  Or if you are looking for more clarity and messages from the Divine Council of Light. 


These session take upto 90 minutes 


This reading can be on Zoom or in person (Burton on Trent) it is a unique Soul to Soul connection where Kim brings you guidance and messages through the Soul, 


Each session will be unique to you.

When you purchase a Soul Oracle Session we will contact you to book a day and time for your Soul Oracle Session.




Soul to Soul Intuitive Reading

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