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If you have been attuned to Usui Reiki in the past and would like a refresher this attunement will strengthen your reiki attunement, it will add more power to your reiki and upgrade your level of energy that flows through you from the universal light force, its like a refresher attunement to re ignite your inner flame of light.


Reiju empowerment is an offering of spiritual energy. It’s a ritual that dates back to the early teachings of Mikao Usui. It is always practiced in the more traditional Japanese lineages. Reiju is Usui's original way, a procedure that enables the recipient to channel Reiki. It is believed that it comes from Tendai Buddhism. This is where Hatsu Rei Ho and other Japanese Reiki techniques seem to have their roots. In Japanese approach to Reiki practice, students would gather every single week and practice various Reiki techniques. At the end of the gathering, during meditation, Reiki Master would give Reiju to every student as a mean of initiating further progress on Reiki path.


I am an Usui Reiki 111 Master Teacher and Magdalene High Priestess my healing journey began with Usui Reiki and as I worked more and more with universal light my intuition expanded and my journey continued with the divine source.  This is beautiful energy to work with and to maintain our connection with the light with the white light and universal energies and it will help you grow spirituality if you allow it to. 


If you buy Reiju Empowerment you will receive a manual by Kim Ora Rose, a chi ball energy refresher, there are some exercises to follow and information on how you can give a Reiju Empowerment to someone else. 

Reiju Empowerment - Refresher

  • What are Chi Ball Activations?

    Chi Ball Activation for the Reiju Empowerment is prepared by myself so that you can accept and receive the Reiju whenever it is best for you.  

    Chi Ball Activations  connect you to the energies of an energy healing modality so you can use and access these energies in the future whenever you wish.

    This is done in order for you to be able to use the energies again in the future when you want or need to.  You will need to be attuned to Reiki in the past to receive this activation, it is an refresher to reactive the flow of energy within you.  

    These are a popular type of energy activation to use distantly and ust as effective as in person.  

    What is the typical Chi Ball Activation process?

    The typical Chi Ball Activation process would be:

    • purchase a distant activation
    • receive your manual as a digital download,
    • review the manual,
    • ask any questions you may have,
    • when comfortable to proceed your activation will be prepared for you,
    • once the activation has been prepared you can accept it whenever is most suitable for you. There are no deadlines to accept the activation by and it will be available to download if you wish to use a second time.

    After purchasing I shall email you when the Chi Ball Activation is ready and will be available for ongoing support via email. 


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