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48 mins Guided Meditation 


Are you struggling with anxiety? 
Are your thoughts racing all the time?
Is your sleep disturbed by thoughts and fears?
Do you have unnecessary fears about the future?


This meditation will help you relax, slow the mind down and help you go into a deeper state of relaxation, it will help with your thoughts and fears by helping you to have more positive thoughts and patterns.  It is a very powerful meditation which will unlock your inner joy and happiness with less stress and anxiety. 

Anxiety can be so common place in our lives and especially during these recent year.  It has so much to do with the mind and the anxiety can create other problems in our bodies.  Guided meditations are really good for anxiety they can help provide you with some relaxing relief and help to change the way your subconscious is operating.  There is healing from the White Rose and the Rainbow colours in this meditation with added suggestions to overcome your anxiety and create positive responses to your life.  Regular meditations and listening to guided journeys can help you connect to your inner core, inner relaxation and open up your inner calm. 


Guided meditation for anxiety help you to observe your thoughts and emotions and in this meditation you will feel how your body feels when you are stressed or worried about something and how your body feels when everything happens just how you would like it to happen.   If you listen to meditation on a regular basis, once a day, or a few times a week, or once a week etc you will fully start to reduce your anxiety by changing the way your mind things.  Allowing more and more positively to come into your life.  


Deep relaxation and visiualisations have been used for centuries for relaxing the mind and you will find many benefits from this practice:


* Experiencing a deep inner calm

* Creating changes in the way your mind responds to fears

* Positive new ways of thinking 

* Connecting with the energy of colours and flowers for healing


If you enjoy this meditation there are more meditations available in the shop. 

Overcoming Anxiety Meditation

  • This meditation is copyrighted to Kim Ora Rose, Rose Temple 2021

  • "Kim's anxiety meditation took me very deep and I felt very relaxed.  I saw different colors for different feelings as she spoke about the rainbow of colors.  I was able to identify some of the things that caused me anxiety and stress, and I was able to identify what it is that I actually preferred in those situations. I was drifting off in the meditation and took some time at the end of it to stay deep in the healing energies. Kim's voice and energy are lovely, gentle and soothing. " CF

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