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Heart of Mary Magdalene Reiki Attunement is an online distant attunement you will receive a PDF with the manual, instructions etc and the distant chi ball will be set up for you to receive.  After completion, you will receive a certificate via email. 


You can book a Distant Attunement Via Zoom with Kim Ora Rose to receive this Attunement


In the summer of 2018 after completing several years of Mary Magdalene priestess training I was intuitively guided to this course by Rev Tracy Loper when I received the attunement distantly by a chi ball I was amazed by the energy, and its power and strength and have been using in my healing sessions with others.  I was given the ankh symbol by Mary Magdalene when I connected to the energy and added the Rose, I do offer a Rose Reiki Attunement too and White Flame Attunement which comes directly from Mary Magdalene and the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.  If you decide to buy this attunement you are not only connected to the Heart of Mary Magdalene by Rev Tracy Loper but also to the added symbols channelled by the Magdalene Priestess lineage. 


The name “Mary” means ‘Healer’. There are many ‘theories' about Mary Magdalene. Many people believe that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus, others believe that she was his most favored Apostle. Others believe she was a mere prostitute.  This healing system is not to dispute any beliefs or argue any, but to inform others of the energies and love embodied in MaryMagdalene’s energies as she has revealed herself through this healing system.


Mary Magdalene reveals to us that she does not want to defend herself or dignify any persecutions against her. She brings forth these energies of healing to raise consciousness and vibrations – to aid and lift humanity because of her deep love, compassion and devotion to humanity and to serving – to being a true disciple and servant of the Light.


In her Divine Right, she was Jesus’ Chief Apostle.   She was most definitely a High Priestess, the true embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She was a woman of great significance, importance, power, wisdom, compassion,spirituality, and so much more.


Mary Magdalene is one of the “Three Mary’s” in the Bible’s New Testament. She shared the journey and many labours of Ascended Master Jesus. She ministered to Ascended Master Jesus and His disciples, taking care of them. Her Divine love for them turned into action as a loving devotee.


Part of the purpose for this healing system is to carry forward Mary Magdalene’s energies on Earth to All and these vibrations are intensified as the user and or recipient of this healing energy continues to carry the torch of Mary Magdalene or to follow the path of Mary Magdalene, to have the Divine Heart of Compassion which she so embodies.  This is of course a great task but one that is worth carrying forward, for in so doing you strengthen your inner healer and can share more healing light with others. 


In this course, you will learn all about Mary Magdalene and her gifts, as well as how to use her energies for healing.  You will also be shown how to pass on this attunements to others.


Please note, this course has a fixed fee of at least $25 set by the founder.



Heart of Mary Magdalene Reiki Attunement

  • Book your Distance Attunement after you have paid for this attunement 


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