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This is a new meditation that will change your life, it will open you up to your Cosmic Self with your Celestial Light Guides and Councils of light. It will help you find your true self, your mission on earth and open you up to more light language and codes. 


This meditation goes with the Celestial Light Activation and can be part purchased separately too. 


This meditation will work to completely change your life and your perspective of the world around you.


If you perform the guided meditation for the next 21 days you will activate dormant light codes plus strands of DNA that have been hidden from your awareness so that you can carry out your true mission on earth.


20 mins meditation 


You will also greatly benefit from the light codes if you choose to work with the Celestial Starseed Activation (this will be available in May) 



DNA Meditation

  • Priestess Courses

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