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Stepping into Gold

What a change this week has bought, new light on the horizon, so much golden light in the sunset, gold is my colour of the week.

Tomorrow on 29th January Venus goes directly into a new cycle, you will feel her energy of the Morning Star, she is ready to propel us forward into your new cycle of life. Venus retrograde is coming to an end, as we step out of the shadows into her rose light, just as the old moon is waning, Venus will join Mars and she will glow along with the crescent moon in her celestial line up, to see her look east in the early morning before the sun rises. We are nearly there to the end of January, and into the new transit of the planets, whilst Venus has been in retrograde she allowed us to take a hard l00k at ourselves, our environments, earthy situations and give us a real look at what we want in our lives, be that abundance, finances, love etc. We are ready for the next chapter, the new year, Spring with the tiny snowdrops and Imbolc is, nearly here. Venus is the Planet of Love but she is also linked to our finances, she helps us to look at our careers so, if you have been diving deep into your career, money and love during Venus's transit in retrograde you have felt it all and it will have changed you. If you have been stuck in overthinking, analysing every detail? This is just what we have all been doing, trying to figure something out. One crucial lesson from my artwork and writing endeavors is to throw out the rule book, break rules, create new choices, new ways of being inflow with creativity itself.

If you are looking for some guidance or moving your emotional blocks for the abundance you might like my book "Unlocking your Abundance with Mary Magdalene" is a course based on eight unique meditations that help you to dissolve lack and step into your true self of love. If this calls to you the link is below.

Goddess Persephone joins Venus with her determined, focused tiny snowdrops they bring their tiny flowers, with their hope and dreams can begin again, Now is the time to take action, move forward, set seeds for your future, the next three months are pivot

able for the coming year. Golden light is calling to you, in the early morning sky and evening sunsets, allow yourself to tap into this wonderful illuminating light. Call it in at any time to bring you ever closer to the awakening. The great light and life force opens up to spring so soon, it brings the light and energy of creation.

Set yourself some new intentions for the coming Imbolc on Tuesday 1st February, the new awaits you, release your old baggage and old patterns with the waning moon and sing in the joys of golden joy.

Purchasing the book gives you access to the 8 audios to download from my website

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