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Psychic Gifts and Spirit Messages

  • To be aware of how you receive information, by knowing your dominant gifts

  • To unravel the messages you receive from spirit.

Our psychic and medium gifts come in all different ways and you will have heard

about the “Clairs” these are the ways that we receive information from Spirit and

our psychic abilities.

You will find our dominant Clairs and over time you will develop other clairs. This is

how it happened for me, I sensed a lot at first then, knowing and then seeing. But

having written that I am sure I have seen spirit since a child so that part was

always active. Some mediums sit in the dark for a long time hoping to see and

might never see images but are very good mediums, channellers nonetheless, so

don’t get hooked up on comparing yourself to others.

We are born with our psychic gifts and they can be active all our lives or lie

dormant until will unlock them. These gifts are linked to your five senses – seeing,

hearing, smelling, knowing, and feeling.

Clairvoyant – Clear Seeing

This is when the medium can see people, images etc. They can see them in their

mind and around other people. You might see people’s faces, see their clothing, I

see things like their homes, and their gardens, and you might see images like a film score. We are all different and that is the beauty of our gifts.

Clairaudient – Clear Hearing

This is when you might hear your name in your ear, or other names, you might

hear sounds, voices, or any noises really that come to you for your awareness.

Clairsentient – Clear Sensing

This is how you receive information from tuning into others’ energy, sensing a

feeling, emotions, etc. You will sense where things are on the body, where

someone has passed, their emotions, their pain etc. You will feel your guides and

spirit close by with heaviness, or lightness, again this will change over time, my

guides used to come very close with heaviness, but not they are very light, it

changed with my development.

Clairalient – Clear Smelling

This is a lovely gift, to smell a cigar, a cake baking, perfume etc to identify the spirit you have with you.

Clairgustance: This is the ability to taste flavours or substances without physically ingesting them. Clairgustants may experience specific tastes associated with a person, place, or object.

Clairalience or clairolfaction: This is the ability to perceive smells or odours that are not physically present. Clairalients may smell fragrances, scents, or aromas associated with a certain entity or energy.

Clairtangency: Also known as psychometry, clairtangency is the ability to gather information or impressions by touching or holding an object. Clairtangents may receive insights, emotions, or images related to the object's history or owner.

Clairkinesthesia: This is the ability to perceive physical sensations or movements in the body without any apparent physical cause. Clairkinesthetics may feel subtle shifts in energy, vibrations, or sensations associated with a specific situation or presence.

Which ways do you receive information? Which are your dominant gifts?

Spirit and the universe are always communicating with you, but are you hearing them?

Do you feel like you are ready to receive a message? Do you find yourself looking for answers to questions about your life?

Sometimes when we and other people reach out for a reading it's because we have felt the call of our guides, our Soul calling to us to get in touch. To quieten the mind, not fill our mind with clutter and listen.

Sometimes we doubt we have the language of Spirit and the answers might well be there for you. Your mind, body etc is picking up unconscious messages all day long and it knows how to communicate with everything around you. Sometimes we put up a wall to know what these messages mean. I want you to know that you know what Spirit is telling you, you know in your heart. Your third eye and other senses will bring you messages when you are ready to really fully listen and then you will be able to translate what you receive.

Drink from the Well of Life and know that we are all connected.

If you would like to learn more about Psychic Awareness Kim will offer a Psychic Awareness Program to explore your own unique gifts in more detail

The language of connection is so deep, so powerful, the more you understand your own frequency the more you understand the world around you.

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