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NEW Mystical Flower Guardians - Gaia's Healing Garden

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Gaia's Healing Garden has finally been finished and published, I had a book launch on Saturday and the book is available either directly from Kim, on this website or via Amazon Globally

Kindle - from £0.00 ( If you have Kindle Unlimited) or £9.99

Paperback - £20 from me or £22.99 on Amazon

Hardback - £20 from me or £27.99 on Amazon

If you order via there will be postage charges too.

"Mystical Flower Guardians is a book you will want to refer to again and again as it is packed with so much information regarding the magic, the mystery and the healing of the flowers. Reading through every page it is so apparent that Kim has such a deep love for nature and along with that love is a very profound wisdom of the healing properties which are to be found in each flower."

Foreword by Margaret Hunt Water Lily Temple

“This book is so much more than just gaining knowledge about the flora and fauna and its attributes! Kim has put her heart and soul into this highly comprehensive book. Detailing how many of the flowers and certain trees we’ve come to know and love, can be of great service to our own personal healing endeavours. The inclusion of how they connect to the guardians, crystals, elements and planets expands the capacity of how you can utilise each of the flowers and trees mentioned. Plus, poetry written by Kim herself, adds a unique take and experience of each flower or tree. Enabling you to experience healing in a more multidimensional and expansive manner. This book is a storehouse of information and wisdom that the more you use, the more will open up to you. There is so much healing energy impregnated into the text, you will be uplifted just by reading it alone! You may also experience yourself connecting to memories perhaps of past lives or positive experiences you’ve had of living or spending time in nature. This is a must-read and great study companion to assist with your healing journey in more ways than one. Restoring your connection to the magic and wonder of the natural world and its abundance. Whilst realising on a deeper level of your interconnectedness not only to life on this planet but that beyond it as well.”

J. R. Keall

“This delightful book overflows with magic and inspires us to look deeper into the sacred heart of plant medicine, and the language of flowers. Kim shares intimate experiences from the world of spirit, and of her own connection to the land. This book is deeply personal and will take you on a journey not only with the divine flowers that grace our wild habitats, but it will transform you to the very heart of yourself, as you reconnect to nature and remember who you truly are.”

Melanie Godfrey Author Ancient Fayerie

Welcome to Mystical Flower Guardians, Gaia's Healing Garden to her flowers and trees to my collection of flower healers and their mystical flower guardians. Welcome to the realms of Plant Medicine the language of flowers and their incredible Guardians. Mystical flowers are full of light, they each have their own Spirit Guardian which holds the highest potential of healing light and guides us as we connect with them. Each flower holds its own vibration and light frequency and as you connect to each of them you will blend with their light. You will become to know each of the Mystical flowers as friends and will learn how how to connect deeply to their magical powers and mystical ways of being.

You shall go on a mystical, magical enchanted journey with Gaia's healing flowers; you may already work or know many of the flowers but through this book, you will explore hidden depths to explore the healing benefits of each of the flowers, how to use different parts of the flowers to use and you will meet the flower guardians through the meditation journeys to their sacred places. You will go deeper than ever before with each of the flowers. This is a remarkable journey, that you may have never gone on before. You may have been aware of flower fairies or elementals. In this book, you will go so much deeper to meet each of the Guardians and know their healing powers.

Prepare yourself to dive deep into the realms of flowers in Gaia's Healing Garden with flower essences, teas, essential oils and journey meditations.

You can use flower essences, tinctures, essential oils etc or journey with the flowers and their guardians through the meditations.

This month I am featuring on Helichrysum flowers with the Sun God Apollo, this flower links with the sun, regeneration, everlasting flowers, immortelle oil, eternal, and strength.

Season: Late Summer Element: Fire Planet: Sun

Guardian - Apollo Sun God Sacred to the Temple at Delphi

Chakra: Solar Plexus

This is the eternal flower, full of sunlight, the flower is often dried and its oils are very powerful for healing with restorative and regeneration magical powers.  This flower’s guardian is the Sun God Apollo and he echoes the flower’s own magical powers of hope and immortality. These are light the holy grail they are immortal flowers and were used by the ancient mages and physicians. If you selected this flower where do you need deep healing?  What are you avoiding?  This card is an indication that you need to rest, fully rest, restore your life force energy, recuperate and regenerate.  You can use the immortal oil in a carrier on your skin, on your temples, palms and wrists and anywhere you feel guided.  Drink in the sunlight rays of golden light to restore you, with meditation or sit in the sun. The message of this card is its time to STOP, time for you to REST, you can’t keep going now, it’s time to restore your light, life force and regenerate. Take a break, book a holiday, retreat etc this is time for you.  Call in the flower and Apollo to bring in their healing powers for your own restoration.

Affirmation:  I honour my mind, body and spirit to rest and restore, I allow myself to heal with self care.

Extract from Mystical Flower Guardians : Flower Healing (Mystical Guardians Book 1) (p. 68). White Flame Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Also I have some Bio-Resonance Quartz Crystal Pendants to go with the flowers these have been programmed to hold all the energies of this flower and its healing guardian and attributes. The pendants are in my shop they are £15 each plus postage. When you wear one of these pendants you carry about with all the energies of these beautiful flowers, Apollo's energy, the sun, regeneration, solar light, eternal essence life-force and the energies will last forever, as the crystal has been programmed with these gorgeous energies.

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