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Midsummer Madness

The Summer Solstice is nearly upon us, this is the longest day and its is on Monday 21st June at 4.31am in the Northern Hemisphere, it is one of my favourite times of the year, on the Summer Solstice in 2019 I was walking up the Mary Magdalene St Baume Cave in Provence in the Midsummer heat to reach the cave. It was arduously yet so rewarding, a pilgrims journey to climb up through the trees, past birdsong, springs and other pilgrims some struggling on their descend and others flying my us. In the heat we started out after breakfast armed with water and my trusty inhaler, where would I be without that, at times I spent more time resting than actually walking, struggling with my breathing, but I didn't give into, it doesn't matter if you cant do it, taking 3 times longer than the able walker. After we reached the steps and through the gateway we were presented with every colour of roses, statues and the essence of serenity and calmness. In the Grotto, cave we found peace and Bliss. There were very few people in those moments of time there, and in about five minutes we had the whole serene sacred place to ourselves and in these moments the world passed through our senses. Looking out over the plains, the trees in the distance and hostelry, seeing the surrounding mountains and hills and wandering what other pilgrims had felt here, had Mary Magdalene stood here, had she lived in the cave? So many questions. Within the cave now set up as a chapel in the rock fell the silence, in the darkness, we could hear the sound of dripping water, there is always water, the energy of the divine feminine, divine sacred water in the presence of great spirit.

More roses and offerings, candles and incense, we spied the sacred relics, bones and felt Mary Magdalene's sweet bliss. Within those sacred spaces, filled with awe, orbs and candle light, she whispered her loving words that filled my ever loving heart. Filled with pink bliss light her loving energy of compassion and beauty. Her sacred rose.

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