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Feeling the January Blues? Uplift your home with indoor plants



Indoor plants are making a comeback, and I for one don’t really know why they ever went out of fashion, we used to have loads when I lived at home with my mother. She really loved them and knew the benefits of having them around.

Since we’ve been spending more time at home indoor plants can be as much of a delight especially in the winter months as our outdoor gardens. You might have seen more plants being on Instagram, facebook, etc the whole energy of green, plant wallpaper, plant food, and online subscriptions for plants have begun to take off.

There are so many benefits of having indoor plants and one of the most important is they are so good for our mental health. Most of us enjoy outdoor spaces and when you have some plants in your home you are inviting all that outdoor energy into your home.

5 Benefits of Indoor Plants

1. Working in an environment with plants can reduce your mental health, they can help with winter sadness, SAD, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. They can uplift your environment and bring life to your home.

2. They can help you heal – It’s no surprise we give people plants when someone is ill, they have that healing effect, as with flower essences, they help you to recover from an illness quicker. There has been some research that showed that people healed quicker from surgery if they had something in nature to look at eg trees, plants etc.

3. Real plants are so much better than plastic ones, they can help your brain power, do you remember having plants in your classrooms at school or in the office they help your brains, notice the difference in a place with plastic plants. Real plants can help concentrate more so that’s an idea for rooms where you are studying.

4. Plants can reduce your stress; I have known people who work with plants eg at a nursery or have plants in their homes and gardens have seen a real difference to their stress levels. You can take house plants to your office too, have one on your desk, it will help you whilst you work.

5. Plants can increase your productivity, there has been some research that shows that people are more creative and have higher levels of productivity when they have plants in their environment. Also, they help to reduce sick days too, as they have powerful healing properties.

6. Indoor plants can help your air quality, so they help the air that you breathe, the best plants for air quality are rubber trees, spider plants, bamboo palms and these are lovely plants to have in your home.

Please note that some house plants are toxic to children and animals so be aware of these by keeping away from them. This list is not exhaustive/

  • amaryllis

  • aloe vera

  • azalea

  • chrysanthemums

  • cyclamen

  • dieffenbachia

  • English ivy

  • jade

  • jonquils

  • lilies

  • mistletoe

  • monstera deliciosa

  • philodendron

  • poinsettias

  • sago palm

  • umbrella plant

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