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Faerie Balls, Christmas Baubles

We all love our glass ornaments at Christmas to decorate our trees, yet they are often called Yule Balls or Faerie Balls and Witch Balls, as we dive into the inner witch balls an ancient custom, when a pretty glass ball is designed to ensnare evil spirits and energies and protect the home. My mother had a huge blue one hanging in her porch to protect the house from negativity from entering. Just as people would hide items and crave "witch marks" in the rafters to protect a home.

A yule or faerie ball is a pretty bauble and they are often hung all year round, they are often coloured, painted or filled with herbs, crystals, affirmations, wishes and plants, sealed with ribbons and twine.

People still hang these glass balls outside of their homes and on their porches, in their windows and why not you might say. The fishermen often have glass balls for protection on their voyages out to sea. Whilst they are part of of historic folk lore, they are pretty to look and can be used with intentions to set up protection, love spells, best wishes, generate abundance, promote good health and much more.

Faerie balls are often blue or green and made from glass, some are filled with with herbs and crystals, plants and wisdom. You can choose your intention, be it love, abundance, health or protections and select your herbs, plants, crystals etc to manifest your wishes. I like to call them Faerie Wishing Balls and bring some of my Avalonian energies into the balls.

You might like to create one for Yule or all year long, we are creating a Faerie Wishing Ball for Yule this year with herbs, crystals, charms, spices at our Yule ceremony.

Hang up your ball wherever feels right for you, in your window, by your door. You can invoke magical protection for your home and family.

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