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Can you hear the Call?

Holy Fire, Ancient Wisdom, the alchemist is calling, we are manifesting so much faster than we know

I’m saying to myself fire from water, fire and water, and immediately my hair is on fire  

Omg never have I burnt myself like this before

The Dragons are calling  in the sky, watch for them just before sunset, I saw them last night and was guided to light the candles to invite them into my life

We are ready for Imbolc, a festival that the Christian churches couldn’t squash, (even the Monks would light candles at this time of year) the fires are rising with the earth, and our inner fires are igniting

Brigid brings the flame, as does Freya, Februa the Roman Goddess, as does Sophia, Magdalene, her sister Martha was a light bringer, as I AM the light keeper, flame keeper, bringer of light through fire  and hope  and love  

Are you being called to share your Gifts  the ones you’ve held for lifetimes the passion within?

Sensitives, Healers, Seers, Wayshowers, Keepers of the Flame  you will hear the inner calling to Gathering, Share, Unite

The time of hiding is over 2024 is our year to share our light up the world with light, love and hope, letting go of fear, persecution, misconceptions and negative thought patterns.

Call in the dragons to burn away your past programming, you are cleansed, you are protected

The element associated with the 2024 Dragon is strong yang wood. In the five elemental cycle, wood fuels the element of fire, and thus the quality of the Dragon is enhanced. Be prepared for an unpredictable and volatile year ahead. “Never a dull moment” is the phrase for 2024!

Enter the dragon, indeed.

In 2024, it is out with the Water Rabbit (my sign) and in with the Wood Dragon.

The dragon will commandeer the calendar on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024, and reign until Jan. 29, 2025.

The dragon is the only mythological creature in the whole of the Chinese zodiac, implying that under the talons of this totem, we can and should take flight and fight fear.

While the archetype of the dragon applies directly to those born during his 12-year cyclical tenure, the energy of the Wood Dragon will lend itself to the collective throughout the year to come.

The dragon, with his ability to fly high, was the predicted winner — but he was delayed by a kind-hearted detour to save a village from immolation.

On his way across the water, he gave the fledgling rabbit a gust of wind to help make it to shore, thereby placing himself, by merit of benevolence, in fifth place, after the bunny, and before the snake.

Within the story of the dragon lies the true message of this year — strength is a gift to be lent, not a power to be wielded.

The lesson of this cycle is not compromise — wherein someone or everyone loses something, but creative solution, in which everyone gains more than they ever expected.

To take it back to the myth of the dragon, when we help others get to the proverbial shore, we earn not just respect, but our own place in the circle.

Time in 2024 to step up to the circle and own our place at the table.

As we help others we help ourselves in our own growth

In my past life as Martha Bethany, I helped my sister Mary of Bethany (Mary Magdalene) and the community I even tamed a crocodile from the river at Nimes a dragon of its time, in helping others and caring for one another we help the whole.

Remember we as we support each other we are supporting the rise of the collective one person at a time, not everyone is on our frequency and thats ok, some people we will leave behind on their mission and we continue on ours.

Thats ok too,

Come lets gather, let share what lights us up, lets dream the New Earth into each and everyday

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