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Kim Ora Rose

Magdalene High Priestess, Reiki Master/Teacher in Usui and Karuna Reiki, Bach Flower Essences, Flower Healing, Founder of White Flame Reiki, Blue Lotus Flower Reiki and Magdalene Bliss Reiki. Spiritual Teacher and healer.

BA Hons, PGCE,

High Priestess


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Kim - Ora - Rose Mary Magdalene High Priestess Wayshower, Spiritual Teacher, Light Bearer & Author
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Mystical Flower Guardians 29 Cards for Flower Healing available now with a 17 page word document that will be printed and sent with your Cards.

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eBook - New Dawn

Poems inspired by Divine Feminine

These 18 poems reflect a journey home through the divine feminine energies of Mary Magdalene and her "Way of Love" of all humanity. Dipping into the divine feminine energies of intuition, creation, faith and love project the fullest energies of unity, love and peace. Through this book you will engage in the emotions of self discovery of healing and awakening. Allow the poems in this book to resonate deeply in your soul, let them empower you as the new dawn emerges in unity of love.

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Flower Power Plant Healing

Thank you SO much again for the wonderful plant healing. It’s hard to recall all that I was shown as I went so deep, but this healing was really unique. Not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. Your ability to take me on a visual journey blew me away. I often struggle with my visualisations in guided meditations, but I was with each one in an instant with you. Your voice is so soothing. I’m also not usually much of a crier, but tears flowed on two occasions during this healing, it was so beautiful. So gentle, yet powerful. I do hope you continue to offer these out into the world as they and you are the real deal and you are so needed. Thank you again. My heart is full!


Poems & Channellings by Kim Ora Rose

New Earth

New Earth


Illuminating shadows

Cracking wide open

Letting Love be


Waves of love consciousness

Flowing breath, by breath,

Moment by moment

Second by second

Be Love Feel Love

Let love be


By Kim Ora Rose


Blue Lotus Flower Meditation

Meditations with Ora Rose


Blue Lotus Flower


The Blue lotus flower that was used by the ancients in Egypt was the blue waterlily flower and has very potent essence and healing properties.  This meditation connects you to the flower with Mary Magdalene as you guide to connect with the sacred waters on earth and the cosmic pathways to the beings of light in the cosmos.  The blue flowers grow in the waters originally in flower beds of water channelled off the River Nile and now can be grown in waters around the world.  Our water is sacred to us it is the giver of life and can take life.  We ourselves are make up of water.  These flowers are a reminder of the beauty of life and of ourselves and they like us grown from the source of life.  We live on the planet that is full of water of springs, streams, rivers, oceans and seas.  As on earth as in heaven as the waters flow in interconnective ways around our Earth, this reflects the blue energies of the cosmic highways, the pathways to the cities of light in the heavens.  When we connect to the universal life force we are connecting to the cosmic Galactic highways the cosmic vibrations of light.  

I often talk of vibration and higher vibrations, higher frequencies and these are part of this cosmic pathway to the light council to the angels etc. There are pathways that connect us on planet Earth of the Cosmos as we connect to all that is within the etheric realms. 

This Blue Flower healing flows on earth and heaven it is one that the ancients used with plants, flowers, rituals, ceremonies etc.  To connect with the heavens, the Gods and Goddesses, the Galactic's, source light beings etc. 

The Blue Flowers hold the energy that cam invoke lucid dreams and the ancients believed then could connect with the heavens just with their Gods & Goddesses.  

Water is all about creation and this flower is one of creation too, it is of health, wellbeing, beauty and luck too.  

In a regression session may years ago I went through a death in the past to the source and it was when i left my earthly body that my soul essence joined the cosmic blue pathway to be transported to the Source, in my case this was a White City of Light in the heaven where I was greeted by my Oriental healing guide.  The cosmic blue streams of light were so vivid I have never forgotten this experience.  

Now I understand more about how the blue connectively flows on our planet and how it connects us to all things in the cosmos too.  

These Blue Flowers grow from the water, they open up to the morning sun and soak up all the suns rays and then in the early evening they close up again full of sunlight to bloom again the next day. 

In this meditation you will connect to the blue water flowers, connect deeply to the their essence and the cosmos with Mary Magdalene as you guide.  


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