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White Flame Academy

  • Mary Magdalene Pink Bliss Initiation by Kim Ora Rose

  • 13th Rite of the Womb 

  • Sacred Temple of the White Flame  Level I & 2 Mastery Level Coming Soon 

  • Magdalene Abundance by Kim Ora Rose

  • Aquamarine Dolphin Healing Ray


Online Courses include 

  • Magdalene Priestess Training 

  • Magdalene High Priestess Training 

  • 13th Rite of the Womb

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This is the most beautiful exquisite energy that Kim was blessed with in Sainte Baume, Provence - The Initiation is now available for a distant initiation. 

Mary Magdalene Pink Bliss Divine Light Initiation
Pink Bliss is offered in initiation as a healing modality and a deep connection to Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. This energy was received through a connection to Mary Magdalene and she is the guardian of its energy.

 If you are new to energy healing or have been initiated to reiki or angelic reiki or other reiki you will feel how this is different in its vibration, is pure and comes from the Divine Feminine. When you use the energy it will build more and more over time within you.

 I received this initiation directly from Mary Magdalene when I visited her holy cave at Sainte Baume, this is a cave in Provence. I visited there on 21st June 2019 as part of a Magdalene Pilgrimage. I may have been attuned to this energy in a past life for I know I lived alongside Magdalene and Jesus and was part of the very early church. When Mary was spreading the Way of Love, in those early years and after the cruxificition.

 This energy comes as Pink Bliss energy it’s not a ray or flame as I have received before, it is an initiation of the Heart and Higher Heart Centre, it is an expansion of the Heart and flows from the heart. Often the Heart Centre is felt in green or pink colours and rose quartz crystals blend so well with this energy. It is a very high vibrational energy that fills you will Bliss energy.

If you have any questions please let me know 

Kim Ora Rose 

People Initiated to Mary Magdalene Divine Pink Bliss 

If you have been Initiated to this healing modality please contact us to be added to the website

Madeleine Rule

Lisa Glover

Rachael Gaskin

Felicity Porter

Emma Jackson

Helena Monger

Ishtara Rose 

Adriana Vais

Marcy Shulman

Jay Burrell

Sharlene Ferguson

NB this course is now available on Udemy 



12 Month Online Couse

If Mary Magdalene calls to you to join her with her teachings’ bringing the mystical ways of ancient times into your modern lives. You may have been receiving signs for Mary Magdalene, seeing more Roses, and feathers, if you have been on a spiritual path for some time it may be the right time to dive into yourself, a year of self-learning and remembering and reconnecting to the Divine Feminine. 

You may have heard the call from the Divine Feminine?

This may be for you?

This is a year-long course or process with 8 audio workshops for the Sabbats of the year that you work on at home, there will be some meetups retreat days during the year and online support.

Magdalene High Priestess Course 

12 Months Online Course 



Chi Ball Attunement is an attunement that is prepared in advance so that you can accept and receive the attunement whenever is best for you once it has been prepared. It does not require a timed appointment.


Chi Ball Attunements connect you to the energies of an energy healing modality so you can use and access these energies in the future whenever you wish.

The typical Chi Ball Attunement process would be:

  • purchase a distant attunement course,

  • receive your manual as a digital download,

  • review the manual,

  • ask any questions you may have,

  • when comfortable to proceed your attunement will be prepared for you,

  • once the attunement has been prepared you can accept it whenever is most suitable for you. There are no deadlines to accept the attunement by,

  • once the attunement has been accepted you will receive a certificate.


Yes, once you have bought the course you will have access to the manuals etc. If you have any problems please contact us.


Usually, your intuition plays a huge part in this, it is which attunement, energy calls you, if you would like to chat about each attunement please contact me.

"What a wonderful book this is bringing the deeply mystical healing and awakening qualities of the white flame. There are so many mystical teachings shared here with beautiful healings included. Kim has provided ancient teachings brought into the modern day to assist you on your journey to the self and she shares many tools and inspiration throughout the book. Kim's deep connection to the spirit shines through every word written and she is passionate about sharing it for the benefit of others. Journey with her through this book to the deepest aspects of the self and you will find healing for yourself and a deepening of your consciousness. "

Margaret Hunt

“Receiving the White Flame initiation from Kim was an amazing and powerful experience! It not only raised my vibration but also connected me to very high vibrational beings such as Isis, Mother Mary, and other members of what are termed the Council of Light."


"Mary Magdalene sat holding my hand as I cried with gratitude. It went black and she said "it is the secret knowledge we have put in Suzanne. We want you to speak out to your family, friends, sisters and anyone who will listen."


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