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This is the first Spiral for the Magdalene High Priestess Course 


A One Year Course Leading to Initiation as a High Priestess

To be eligible you will need to have completed the Magdalene Priestess Training

Magdalene’s Temple teachings

The training included deep self-healing, conducting healing ceremonies for others and deep past life work. It also requires you to join with me and submit your work each month via Facebook, Zoom or email.

This is a year-long downloadable audio course that is divided up into four parts, into 4 spirals.

When you have completed the course you will be able to train others to become Magdalene Priestesses and initiate them as a priestess of this order.

If after attaining High Priestess status you would like to train others it must be done over the course of a year and you can use your own teachings that you receive in your training with Mary Magdalene and other teachings. I use my White Flame, Pink Bliss, Blue Lotus flower and other flowers and earth teachings in my teachings.


The aim of this course is to take you deep into yourself so that you know your soul and at the same time you will be guided to access previous lifetimes so that you may bring your own ancient knowledge into the present day.


Although I provide teachings to be worked with throughout the course this is different from the original priestess training because you are to take responsibility for continually working with the teachings you are given on your own.


You will receive many teachings and different energies as part of this course including, the Holy Grail energy I received this year from Magdalene this is embedded in Spiral Two. 


This course is full of energy and you will receive many blessings and your own energies as you connect with Magdalene during this year. 



Magdalene High Priestess Course Spiral One

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