Mabon Priestess Training

Mabon Priestess Training

Mabon Workshops Magdalene Priestess Training for the Autumn Equinox

Your Guides for this workshop are Mary Magdalene, Oracle Priestess, Sky God Horus and Artemis 


Three Audios for you to listen to for the Mabon Priestes Training 


Workshop 1 - Introduction to the Mabon Energies and Journeying teachings

Workshop 2 - Healing and journeying

Workshop 3 - Ceremony for Mabon


When you have completed your workshops share your experiences and findings in the facebook group - and you shall receive feedback on your experiences.  Private Facebook Group - Ora Rose Temple Magdalene Priestesses


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  • Mary Magdalene Priestess Training

    Mary Magdalene was a black robed Nazarene Priestess who now brings us the ancient mysteries for initiation as a modern day priestess.

     This is a year long process with 8 downloadable audio workshops to be completed at home. Each workshop will bring the ancient mysteries of the priestess using the 8 Sabbats of the year connecting you in a very profound way to the earth’s natural rhythms. As you work through each turning of the wheel at the corresponding time you will be naturally attuned to the changing seasons of the year.

    The course can be begun at any point of the year but a completion of the 8 parts must be accomplished. You will journey through the aspects of the wheel of the year and through the different archetypes of the goddess; you will heal yourself at the same time as learning the ways of the priestess.

    We will cover many aspects of the role of the priestess as you receive the mystical teachings; some of these are: how to make your own etheric essences, a brand new way of healing called soul to soul healing, working with etheric crystals, communication with plants and animals, astral travel to other planets, elemental magic, flower language, creating an altar, manifestation, shapeshifting, rituals and so much more.



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