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New Meditation Journey for Beltane with the Goddess Rhiannon and the Hawthorn Tree based on my Mystical Flower Guardian Book 


The Hawthorn is the Goddess Tree it has the energy of the May white blossom that flowers in late April or early May and signifies the energy of the Goddess, in all aspects of the Triple Goddess, this is a flower that is one of enchantment and magic.  It is connected to the fairies, folklore and

superstitions. The fairy folk are believed to live under the Hawthorn boughs and they protect this tree. You might notice how they are planted for hedges alongside of the fields, and roads sometimes you might see one in the middle of a field. There are superstitions about cutting them down and back luck from doing so, this is similar to the Elder Tree.


I used to have three mature Hawthorn Trees growing behind my fence at home in a woodland attached to the Junior School. A few years ago, one fell down onto our shed and we had one of the other cut back, now the one is left, with more room, light and space. It is the true Goddess of Trees it is over 30 ft tall and full of beauty.


This reduction on the other two has given more space for the Elder trees to grow too. This tree is one of late Spring and Summer seasons, it loses its leaves in Autumn and restores its energies in winter, but the berries are often there for the wildlife into the Winter months. The Element for the Hawthorn is Spirit itself, if holds the if not eaten by the birds. They are a good winter fruit for the wildlife and many birds graze on them including, blackbirds, thrushes, bullfinches and I have seen redwings in the past visiting our hawthorn tree for its berries. We can gather the berries too and they can be used for healing.


This tree connects with the Root and Heart chakras and is a good flower or tree to use for ailments associated with the heart, with grief, circulation, boundaries and cycles of life in endings and new beginnings. With regards to the Root chakra it is good for times when you wish to feel your support around you, it helps you to ground deeply which gives you space and energy to expand spiritually. Hawthorn's healing keywords are Enchantment for this is the Enchantment tree it is one of mystery, magic and its Guardian is the Queen of the Fairies. It brings in New Beginnings and this comes with the white flower, bark and branches.


Beltane brings inspiration, creativity, and celebration too, this is the time traditionally of weddings, of love and of beauty.  This is a time of light too; the days are much longer now as we are approaching Midsummer in June and you will feel so much lighter than at other times of year.   What makes you feel alive?   What magic is within you?


Kim Ora . Mystical Flower Guardians: Gaia's Healing Garden (p. 146). White Flame Publishing. Kindle Edition. 



Beltane Journey with Hawthorn & Goddess Rhiannon Meditation

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