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Magdalene Priestess Training Courses

Updated: Mar 30

Magdalene Priestess Course - 12 months course with 8 Core Modules that follow the Wheel of the Year Sabbats/Festivals

See our Mary Magdalene Priestess Training Course - ebook Free Download PDF  Information about the Priestess Course with Kim Ora Rose 

Ora Rose Temple is an online platform and spiritual centre dedicated to helping individuals on their journey to becoming their most empowered selves. We provide transformational workshops, audio recordings, goddesses, ceremonies, healing, wisdom, and teachings from Mary Magdalene.

Our mission is to empower people to explore their spiritual potential and find inner peace.

We invite you to join us to discover your power and step into a more empowered version of yourself.

This is a year-long course or process with 8 audio workshops for the Modules in the Wheel of the year that you work on at home, there will be some meetups retreat days during the year and online support. 

For each Module, there are 3 Downloadable Audios & Printable PDF files about each Sabbat the plants, elements, Goddesses & Gods etc. This unique course brings you deep wisdom to remember who you are. Through this workshop, you will reclaim yourself and create your own unique path of empowerment. You will be invited to explore the mysteries of the divine feminine and discover your feminine essence's beauty. 

You will be embraced and supported in your transformation as you journey with Mary Magdalene and other Goddesses & Gods.

This is a very personal journey, into your own wisdom, connecting you with Magdalene and other Spiritual teachers.  You will develop your mediumship, intuition skills and your connection to the Source, Divine Light. 

If you are interested in the course, you can download a free ebook about the course, prices etc in the Temple Shop

Also you can book a Free Zoom Chat with Kim Ora Rose to discuss the course

We also offer Magdalene High Priestess Courses and Magdalene Flame or Ray Attunements.

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