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Mystical Flower Guardians 36 Cards for Flower Healing is available now with a paperback guidebook.  These Mystical Flower Guardian Healing Cards can be used for meditation, to invoke flower energies when making flower essences or healing, flower therapy, spiritual guidance and altar cards. 


The deck is based on 29 flowers with their Spirit Guardians, Seasons, Elements, Planets, Chakras and suggestions for Journey Meditations with the flowers and their guardians.

There are Audio Journeys available for the flowers/trees downloadable from my website - Mary Magdalene Pink Bliss


These magical cards will give you mystical flower wisdom and guidance from their Guardians for your own healing and others.

You can use them in many ways, use them however your intuition guides you to. There are card reading layouts in the guidebook.


Allow the images and words to blend into your aura and connect with them on all levels and be open to receiving the healing from the flowers and their Guardians.

These 36 Mystical Flower Guardian Cards were developed by Kim Ora Rose to go with her Mystical Flower Guardians book which brings together all her experiences as a healer with energy healing, channeling, using flower essences, colour therapy with flowers and their spirit guardians.


When you work or use these cards you are connecting to multi-dimensional high-frequency energies of the Earth the flowers and trees, Spirit Guardians bring their powerhouses of energies and the Planetary healing of the planets and ascension.

These cards will help you receive inner healing, release old hurts, pains, stuck emotions and help you move forward. They connect with your chakras too as a signpost as to which areas you are holding old emotions and they help to release them.


If you have bought the book on Amazon the cards are available on their own. 


Namaste and Blessings

Mystical Flower Guardians - 36 Healing Cards & Guide Book

  • At Midsummer in 2019 I went on a Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage to the South of France and visited Saint Maximum to see her skull in the Basilica and on Midsummer's Day. In the cave I was presented with the energy of perfect peace, of endless love, Bliss energy. This energy is at the heart of everything I write, say, do from that point in time.  In addition to this Mother Earth's energy is in this writing, these cards too and it comes with the green light.  The deep energy of life in all things.  So we have this duality of Bliss light, healing balm light of Mary Magdalene and Green Earthy light of creation that come together in a beautiful and pure energy of love and healing.

    Connect now to Mary Magdalene's Pink Bliss

    As you read these words the Rose comes to you, see the soft pink Rose of Mary Magdalene, allow it to come to you, become aware of it, the softest pink rose of self love, as it blends with you, feel it soften your heart, breathe in gently, softly allowing Mary Magdalene's pink rose to blend with you. Feel how it comes to your higher heart, situated above your heart centre and allow its to blend with you. Take another deep breath, and ask Mary Magdalene to give you a message from the divine essence of her pink rose, wait, allow, let the answer come to you, in words, visions, feelings however it wishes to be felt.


     This pink bliss is very similar to my Aphrodite Energy in the Avalon Apple Orchard and the energy of Venus, of divine feminine.  These two essences show how the multi-dimensional energies of these rays, mists of light unfold time and time again, in the pink, holding Venus light codes, in the Apple Blossom and in the Soft Pink Rose, all connecting deeply to the Higher Heart Chakra.

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