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The Yew is the symbol of life and all aspects of life, it is an ancient tree that is very holy and represents the cycles of life from birth to death and then it begins again.  It is the tree of rebirth, the tree of life and reflects our longevity.  It is a tree of protection, inner strength, and change, as change is within all aspects of life. The Yew is connected to the Elements of Earth and Water and in these two aspects, it connects to the earth through its deep roots and to the emotional body through the water element. Yew trees represent yourself and the spiritual journey of your Soul in this life and others. If you are drawn to connect to the Yew tree or receive healing from the Yew tree is to connect with the deep parts of yourself. In particular, the yew connects to the Root, Sacral and Crown chakras, so they connect to the root of things through the yew’s roots, to the sacral through the redden trunks and to the crown to connect deeply to the cosmos and heavenly beings. Yews connect to the planets Saturn and Pluto with the slow-moving cycles of Pluto they echo the long life of many Yew trees, Pluto holds all the energy of renewal and powerful transformation, as a healing planet or star it can regenerate and heal in a very powerful and profound way.


Read more about the Yew tree in Gaia's Healing Garden by Kim Ora Rose 

Yew Tree Meditation - Gaia's Healing Garden

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