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Crystal Ball Gazing

I remember my Aunty having a crystal ball and I was so envious of it, when she passed to spirit my Dad kept it, I remember looking deeply into it for a message from the other side, those early images were of chairs and washing lines, smoke and mystery that’s for sure. But they are a fabulous way of developing your mediumship and psychic abilities.

You can communicate with loved ones in the spirit world, angels, ascended masters and the Divine Council of Light with a crystal ball. You may have been drawn to keeping crystals and using them for healing and if so you might have wondered about having a crystal ball too. They do call to you, you can use them for your own personal messages or for sharing with others.

I found placing the ball against a dark cloth, with candlelight and setting the scene with sage or an aura spray and intention is so important to really get the most out of your scrying. Using the dark cloth can help you see the images as they form in the ball.

So when you first use your crystal ball it is best to do a birthing ritual, a cleansing with it, you can do this with some incense or sage and setting a prayer or intention for your crystal gazing. I love to use resins like frankincense or myrrh, cedar or sage to set up for the ritual. I love tree essences, love the energy of trees and using them invokes the ancient tree guardians to connect with you. You might like to use Angelic essences or sprays to invoke Angels, Use whatever feels right for you.

Crystal Ball Intention

Wonderous realm of Light, I invoke your love and light,

I invite in the Divine Council of Light and Archangel Metatron to guide me as I connect with your divine realms.

Allow your messages to come to me through this crystal to bring your heavenly guidance

As I connect with this crystal I am open to receiving messages from the heavenly realms of light.

With the divinity I AM, I AM the messenger of the Divine Council

If you would like to know more about the Divine Council of Light you can read about them in my Sacred Temple of the White Flame and on my website, they are collective light beings of ascended masters, galactic healers, light beings that communicate with us.

When you start using your ball for gazing, the messages will come subtly to you, you need to open your mind to listening, watching, seeing with your physical and inner eyes. Before you start you can do a short meditation to clear the mind, use an aura spray on yourself or an essential oil eg lavender or rosemary.

Keep a Journal when you start using your crystal ball and record all that you sense, see, feel etc.

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