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Sacred White Flame Temple Mystery School

Kim Ora Rose invites you with the Divine Council of Light to her Sacred Temple of the White Flame Ascension Training 

July 2024 - White Flame Ascension Workshop Glastonbury 

October 2024 - White Flame Mastery Keys & Codes Workshop Dates to be confirmed  Glastonbury 

Glastonbury Workshops

Glastonbury Workshop July 2024

Sacred Temple of the White Flame Ascension Training


You are invited to spend a weekend in Glastonbury, England in July to receive the initiations, and activations for your own self-development, and ascension journey and to have the symbols and light codes of this ancient white flame of ascension.  This is the time you have been waiting for, Kim has held the codes and flame energies over many lifetimes, they come from past lives in Ancient Egypt to the White Flame temple in the Giza pyramid and the Tibetian Mountains and the temples of Shambala.  She received a direct message from Sanat Kumara in 2018 to bring these ascension codes and flames forward for the ascension of the planet, for the evolution of humanity and for the Great Shift. 

Who is the workshop for?

  • Anyone who has heard the call to find out more about White Rose energies, White Flame frequency

  • Anyone of a priestess/priest path 

  • Healers, Energy Healers, Sound Healers 

  • Wayshowers, Flame Keepers, Builders of the New Earth 

  • Channellers, Sensitives, Oracles 

  • Anyone who feels the call to receive these initiations and teachings*

Book a free 30 mins Chat with Kim about the course see link below 

We are all feeling the energy, the ups and downs, and the downloads and this training will assist your own personal evolution, from 3D to 5D and the Mastery Codes will take you from 5D to 7D and beyond.  The Mastery Codes training is in October 2024. 

The time to build the White Flame Mystery School is Now, the energies of 2024 are pushing us to share our sacred secrets, the codes, flames and light we hold so dear, that we have held for lifetimes


Kim is an authentic Priestess and holder of these unique flames and codes, she brings her light and wisdom to share with you. The time is now to build the New Earth with the White Flame energies for Ascension 


The Divine Council of Light holds many light beings, angels and Ascended Masters, the twelve High Priestesses and Priests hold the energy for the Ascension of Earth, they bring the Divine Balance, for male and female.  


You will be attuned to the Divine Council of Light members who hold this White Flame Ascension Energy and will develop your own unique connection to them.  You are being called to be a channel of light to the Divine Source and be of service for humanity.  It begins with our own ascension, purification, and activations so we are a pure channel of light connected to the highest frequencies that we can hold.  This will be a powerful weekend that's for sure, we are holding our workshop at the Goddess House, Magdalene Street and there will be visits to the nearby places too. 


This will be deep ascension work, as Kim gifts you the initiations and activations through your energy systems, she will connect you to her deep source light and you will receive light codes, ancient keys, connect with sacred geometry, flower energies, pyramid temples and codes. 

The workshop includes sessions at The Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury plus visits to the gardens and Glastonbury Abbey to connect with the energy of Glastonbury and Gaia. 

* If you would like to book a free chat about the workshop see link at the bottom of this page 

Includes a White Flame Goodie Bag with White Flame Book, gifts etc


 Saturday 13th July 10am - 4.00pm 

Opening Ceremony 

Connect with the Divine Council of Light and White Rose

Initiations and Activations with the White Flame energies

Purifications with water and fire codes

Activate 3 Symbols of the White Flame

Receiving Cosmic Codes 

Activating your Ascension Journey

Flower Initiations with Divine Council of Light

Saturday Evening  6pm to 8pm 

Garden Visit - Rose and Lotus Flower Activations

Option to join Kim for a Group Meal together 


Sunday 14th July 10am to 4.30pm 

Building Bridges of Light with Pyramids

Guidance for Self-healing and Healing Others, 

Experience in healing others with DCL Energies 

Holding Sacred Space 

Glastonbury Abbey Group Visit*

Manual and Certification

*Option to leave early at 3.00 pm if you have a long journey


By the end of the weekend, you will have received all the initiations and activation for the White Flame for the practitioner including the Manual, and Goodie Bag 

Non-Residence Workshop Training (You will need to book your accommodation)

Please bring a packed lunch, water, journal and pens

Sacred Temple of the White Flame Book  is available on Amazon, Kindle, Paperback and Audio Book 


This course will include new materials never published by Kim Ora Rose with the Divine Council of Light 12 Light Emissaries, new information will be available in the Manual about the codes for 2024

* In the Master Key Codes Workshop you will be attuned to all 12 members of the Council of Light


If Travelling from the UK


Nearest Train Station

Castle Cary railway station is on the Reading to Taunton line 115.25 miles south-west of London Paddington and the Bristol to Weymouth line 47.75 miles south of Bristol Temple Mead Castle Cary BA7 7PE


Nearest Airport


Bristol BS48 3DY


I believe there are buses from Bristol to Glastonbury

Bristol, Bath and the West Service Number 376 - First Bus


If you would like advice about local accommodation please get in touch

Mastery Key Codes Workshop Coming in October 2024 Dates to be confirmed 

Prerequisite to receive the Sacred Temple of the White Flame Training in person 

Is this for you?

Book a free chat with Kim

Does this White Flame Workshop for the New Earth call to your Soul?

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Sacred Temples of the White Flame 

Ancient Ascension Flames

Divine Council of Light


Twelve High Priestesses & Priests 


Light Emmisaires for Ascension 

Mary Magdalene & Jesus 

Goddess Isis & Osiris

Goddess Hathor & Horus 

Kwan Yin & Buddha

Sanat Kumara & Lady Nada

Serapis Bey & Sherab Chamma

Kim Ora Rose (2024)

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About Us

Soul's Ascension Journey

Kim Ora Rose 

Poet, High Priestess 

Soul to Soul Intuitive 

Grid Alignment 

Water & Flame Priestess 

Divine Inspiration 

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