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Unlocking Your Abundance Journal: Manifesting with the Power of Roses Paperback


This is the Journal to go with Unlocking Your Abundance with Mary Magdalene book by Kim Ora Rose. The Journal has 22 days of Journal pages and prompts for you to follow as you listen to the eight MP3 Audios. These can be downloaded from my website.


This is a journey into abundance and of ascension for as we tune into our inner selves we connect to our old programming and conditioning to release these thought patterns. Transformation begins to take place with the healing power of each rose linking to the different aspects of our thoughts connecting to our energy centres eg the root chakra holds emotions about money and security.

During this course, you will connect to each chakra in turn for each of the three weeks and as you do so you will fully embrace the fullness of abundance and will notice shifts within your old programming as this is transformed with the loving energy of Mary Magdalene, the rose energies of the Way of Love and more limitless opportunities will flow to you.

This is a journey of healing and transformation its something you may wish to do once or once a year. For we always clear old patterns to step fully into the fullness of our abundance as we dissolve old patterns in our lives.


Moving from suffering and lack of thoughts/belief systems that you can not have abundance, joy and happiness in your life into unlimited possibilities for your unlimited abundance, happiness and joy.


There is a paperback, kindle book Unlocking Your Abundance with Mary Magdalene - with the Power of Roses - 22 days course available from Temple Shop or Amazon this holds all information and meditations.


The free MP3s are available too.


In September Kim shall be doing daily Lives on her fb page for the full 22 days to connect you to full Abundance, Love, Joy, Happiness, Wealth and Health.


£7.99 free postage in the UK International Charges extra 


Unlocking Your Abundance Journal: Manifesting with the Power of Roses

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