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Sacred Temple of the White Flame: Remembering Ancient Wisdom with Goddess Isis and Divine Council of Light by Kim Ora Rose,  Cover Artwork by Leanne Ta Iki Anawa, Illustrations by Paul McCaffrey 


"What a wonderful book this is bringing the deeply mystical healing and awakening qualities of the white flame. There are so many mystical teachings shared here with beautiful healings included. Kim has provided ancient teachings brought into the modern day to assist you on your journey to the self and she shares many tools and inspiration throughout the book. Kim's deep connection to spirit shines through every word written and she is passionate about sharing it for the benefit of others. Journey with her through this book to the deepest aspects of the self and you will find healing for yourself and a deepening of your consciousness. " Margaret Hunt

“Receiving the White Flame initiation from Kim was an amazing and powerful experience! It not only raised my vibration but also connected me to very high vibrational beings such as Isis, Mother Mary, and other members of what are termed the Council of Light." JRK

"Mary Magdalene sat holding my hand as I cried with gratitude. It went black and she said "it is the secret knowledge we have put in Suzanne. We want you to speak out to your family, friends, sisters and anyone who will listen." SG

White Flame is a unique powerful healing modality that prepares you for ascension and higher personal development. This is a gift from Soul to Soul, it will open you up to unlimited energies from the Sacred Temple of the White Flame.

This unique healing modality was channelled by Kim Ora Rose in 2018 it was through her advanced dedication with Mary Magdalene that she received the White Flame energies and symbols. It is overseen by the Divine Council of Light, Goddess Isis and her son Horus. Through Kim's spiritual journey as a medium, mystic, healer she channelled white light for healing and creating sacred space. After her advanced dedication with Mary Magdalene and her searching for the truth, she connected with the Divine Council of Light. They are a collective consciousness of multi-dimensional light beings who are supporting the Earth's ascension. White Flame is a “Soul-to-Soul” gift, a healing modality that opens gateways to ancient wisdom from the Egyptian Temples of Isis and Horus. Learning about the ancient symbols and being initiated to the Sacred Temple of the White Flame.

The White Flame is for anyone who wishes to raise their vibrations on their spiritual journey to happiness, joy, contentment, health, abundance, and pure bliss. You can have these things in your life through daily healing, cleansing of old wounds and being open to limitless joy. It is for anyone who wishes to raise their vibrations on their journey to happiness, contentment, health, abundance and pure bliss.

You will connect with the Divine Council of Light they are a collective consciousness of light beings and as you connect with them you will develop your own deeper connections to them. There are thousands of light beings that come to support the energetic shifts of ascension, unity consciousness to pure joy, bliss, abundance and happiness. The Divine Council of Light serve humanity in constant frequency of change, bringing crystalline light codes for the collective for our Earth, humanity, animal kingdom and other energies of light.

The White Flame is a high vibration energy that aligns you with ascension, assists with cleansing and purification and brings light codes for your deepest connection to the sacred temples. When you align yourself with this light, this energy, you are initiated and activated with high frequencies of light transmissions and codes. These light codes and transmissions were directly channelled through Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis and God Horus in the language of love, light, flowers, flames and symbols.

The time of the White Flame is Now
It is now time to remember the Eternal Light of the World

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Leanne Ta Iki Anawa


Sacred Temple of the White Flame

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