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Reiki Rainbows Attunement 

Channelled with St Germain and Quan Yin, by 7-24-05 received by bro david paul chc


This is lovely energy for right now, it brings in all the colours of the rainbow and all their wonder frequencies of light.  Personally I channel and heal with alot of different colours you will see that in my attunements eg White Flame, Pink Bliss, Blue Lotus Flower Reiki. Colours hold so much in their frequency and healing vibrations. 


Reiki-Rainbows energy is for opening, cleansing, charging, and balancing chakras of Usui Reiki Master/Teachers.


You will receive the manual and a short meditation to go with this attunement 


If you would like a certificate please contact me and I will send you pdf certificate 




Reiki Rainbows Attunement

  • Priestess Courses

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