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Red Jasper Wax Melts - an enticing blend of soothing myrrh, invigorating aldehydes and vibrant citrus notes of tangerine and bergamot. The core of the scent is an enchanting combination of violet, lily, and rose, enhanced by warming spices of clove and cinnamon. Finally, the base of patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood creates a mysterious finish. Each bar is crafted with 100% soy wax to ensure a clean burn and an intense scent throw.


Crystal chips are embedded into each snap bar and presented in a fully recyclable case. Additionally, Red Jasper is known to be a nurturing stone that encourages emotional clarity, grounding, manifesting dreams, and promoting self-confidence. It's a powerful stone for protecting your aura, decreasing feelings of depression and anxiety, and providing detoxification for the body. This gem of a stone has even been known to assist with quitting smoking. Really good for helping people give up smoking.


Each bar holds 55g worth of wax and will give you more than 70 hours of aroma per bar.

Red Jasper Wax Melt

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