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Mystical Flower Guardians is a book about flower healing with flowers it is a unique healing system of healing with flowers and their spirit guardians eg Lavender and Goddess Hera, Lily, and Goddess Isis. This book accompanies Kim Ora Rose’s healing cards and was channeled directly through the flowers themselves and the Council of Light. The book is based on flowers with their guardians, seasons, elements, chakras, planets, and keywords for spiritual healing.
The flowers can be used for divination and there are card layouts in the book to use.

This mystical flower healing system is unique for healing the mind, body and spirit. You can use the flowers in many ways and as your intuition guides you.

"Flowers are incredible, they are beautiful to look at and fill our homes with sweet aromas but for thousands of years, flowers have also been used for remedies in medicine because of their incredible healing properties. Wise women in the past gave us flower healing remedies and this ancient knowledge is carried to this time. Each flower brings its own divine essence and its own signature of light, they bring their unique healing benefits and properties relating to the seasons, or planetary healing and correspond to our bodies for healing. There is a divine guiding force behind the DNA and properties of each flower and whilst the Apple is a great healer it connects with our higher hearts, with water, with Venus and the Guardian Aphrodite, so in one small apple blossom flower you can receive all the healing and divine essence from its entirely of the promise of the fruit, connection to Venus, healing for yourself and your divine connection and to the source of everything water. You will start to feel, sense, know each card and its uniqueness vibrates on a multi-dimensional frequency of love, beauty and wholeness with its layers of flowers energies, Guardians power and planetary cosmic energies."

Sunflower - “If you are seeking joy and happiness know that when you follow the sun, like the sunflower, who follows the sun, you turn away from the shadows. The sun always leads you in the golden light of abundance and away from any lack, misfortunes, past hurts as you live your authentic happy, joyful life in the sunlight. “ Kim Ora Rose

"If you have never journeyed into the world of flowers before then prepare yourself for much magic from these beautiful and deeply mystical cards. You will be transported into the realm of mother Earth as you work with the energy of the flowers and the trees going very deep into their healing and their meanings." by Margaret Hunt

Mystical Flower Guardian Cards are available from

Kim Ora Rose is a Bach Flower Healer, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Priestess and Author.


150 Pages - 12.85 x 0.86 x 19.84 cm

Mystical Flower Guardians - Flower Healing Spiritual Guidance

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