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Magdalene Mystical Sacred Oils Course


Bonus for Magdalene Priestess Training 


Introduction Manual and Rose Oil 


There are 10 oils in this Bonus course, it is self-led, and you will be able to download each of the oil information and accompanying meditations throughout the course. You will receive a Discount code for a free download. 


(The way this Wix website works is to have products on my site that are people to download I put a price on them, with a discount code for Priestesses to access a free download) There might be a better way to do this but its the way I use currently. 

Magdalene Mystical Sacred Oils Bonus Course Part One

  • There are 10 Oils in this Bonus Course

    You will be download them all as you go through the course, as Kim uploads them to the website, materials include PDF Manual and Meditation 

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