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Magdalene Mystical Sacred Oils Course


Bonus for Magdalene Priestess Training 


Part 4 - Lavender 


There are 10 oils in this Bonus course, it is self-led, and you will be able to download each of the oil information and accompanying meditations throughout the course. You will receive a Discount code for a free download. 


(The way this Wix website works is to have products on my site that are people to download I put a price on them, with a discount code for Priestesses to access a free download) There might be a better way to do this but its the way I use it currently.  - I might put these PDF/Audios in the file share page) 


If you are in the UK you might like to visit a Lavender Farm, there is one in Warwickshire,  Bubbenhall,Warwickshire, CV8 3BQ 

one in Yorkshire

Magdalene Mystical Sacred Oils Bonus Course Part Four

  • There are 10 Oils in this Bonus Course

    FREE with Magdalene Priestess Course

    You will get a Promo Code for a free download

    You will be download them all as you go through the course, as Kim uploads them to the website, materials include PDF Manual and Meditation 

  • Message Kim for a Promo Code

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