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Mary Magdalene Priestess Training - Litha Midsummer Solstice


Welcome to the Litha - Midsummer Solstice Priestess Course, where you will immerse yourself in the energy of this powerful time of year. This course focuses on the flowers associated with the summer solstice, including Oak, Lavender, Marigolds, Sunflowers, St John's Wort, and Mary Magdalene's Rose. In the course, you will learn how to weave light with flames and rays, harnessing the energy of the violet flame and receiving a chant to use during your solstice rituals. You will also receive three audios and the Magdalene Journal, with additional pages added for each sabbat as you move through the course. Whether you are new to the priestess path or looking to deepen your connection to the summer solstice, this course offers a rich and transformative experience. Embrace the sun's power and the season's abundance as you step into your role as a priestess of the summer solstice.


You will receive three audios and the Magdalene Journal, each sabbat you will receive more pages for your journal. 


If you have paid in full or on a payment plan you will receive a discount code from Kim 


Litha - Midsummer Solstice

  • This is a year-long course, you should only purchase the workshops if you are on the course. 


    It is an audio distance learning course that is delivered with 3 audios per Sabbat of the Wheel of the Year, a Journal and monthly zoom meetings.  If you would like more information either contact Kim or see this page

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