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Rainbow Rays - New Earth

Building the Bridges of Light

by Kim Ora Rose 

Seven Weeks Program

Available in fb group

Free Offering Starts 6th March 2024 on Wednesdays at 11 am UK Time a Video with information about each Rainbow Ray and meditation.

Open yourself up to Unity Consciousness, Oneness

• Feel a complete Abundance of Love, Health, Wealth and life

• Be at One with everything

• Embrace 5D Ascension and Beyond

• Connect with 7 weeks of Rainbow Rays

• Align with your True Self

• Awaken to the natural flow from Source

• Awaken to the Light within me that I AM

• Connect deeply with the I AM Divinity

Become the Alchemist, the Bridge Builder of Light

Experience Seven Weeks of Building Bridges of Light as we build the etheric bridges of Light, each week there we focus on a different rainbow ray of light and connect to the energies with Ascended Masters and Sacred Geometry. 

As you connect to each of the seven weeks, you will feel your consciousness expanding and aligning to the unity consciousness as you build your own bridges of light. 

Each week you connect to a Flame or Ray energy, with its corresponding Ascended Master, I AM energy, intentions and symbols to expand your heart and crown to more light, more unity and more love. 

Magenta Ray, 

Amethyst Flame, 

Pink Bliss Divine Light, 

Aquamarine Dolphin Ray,

Blue Ray, 

White Flame, 

Holy Grail Gold Ray

Connecting with different chakras in the 14 chakra system see diagram and added in Higher Heart Chakra and Earth Star Chakra.

Colour, frequency, and vibration it at the heart of my flame/ray energies, Magenta, Amethyst, Pink Bliss, White Flame and the Holy Grail are all energies I hold as a founder. Blue Ray I'm working on this and Aquamarine Dolphin Ray is one that I am attuned to.

I shall be offering attunements to Magenta Flame and White Flame this year, and you can already by attuned to Pink Bliss via the website or Udemy.

If you are interested in this free offering you can join the facebook group or see the videos on Youtube -

Aura Sprays 

Mary Magdalene, Christ Consciousness, Council of Light and Archangel Metatron on the ascended masters channelled in this course. 

Ora Rose Temple has some Aura Sprays that you might like to buy 

Throat - Lapis Lazuli Crystal - Aura Spray 

Third Eye - Amethyst Crystal - Aura Spray

Heart - Rose Quartz Crystal - Aura Spray

Crown - Clear Quartz Crystal - Aura Spray

£5.50 each

Plus some Candles - 

Amethyst Gem 

Bliss Gem

Clear Quartz

Manifesting Gratitude

Prices from £8.99 plus postage

Wax Melts arriving Soon from £3.50 each 

I have some lovely Oil Burners in White or Pink from £10.99

FREE Postage for orders over £40 Use the Code FREEROSE

We also have a special offer on Unlocking Your Abundance with Mary Magdalene, Rose Quartz and Candle Bundle of £18.99 saving £3.99

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