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Magdalene Rose Priestess Training

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Train to be a Priestess of Magdalene Mary Magdalene was a black robed Nazarene Priestess who now brings us the ancient mysteries for initiation as a modern day priestess. This is a self paced course and will begin on 1st February, after then participants can start at anytime. There are Eight Modules that follow the Wheel of the Year. We will cover many aspects of the role of the priestess as you receive the mystical teachings; some of these are: how to make your own etheric essences, a brand new way of healing called soul to soul healing, working with etheric crystals, communication with plants and animals, astral travel to other planets, elemental magic, flower language, creating an altar, manifestation, shapeshifting, rituals and so much more. This is not a formal course and the teachings are unique, I teach them as I receive them from my own soul and from my spiritual teachers. This course is taught the traditional way through Audios, PDFs and Zooms. You will be asked to give your journal feedback for each section and will receive feedback. You will need to create an essay at the end of your experiences and a certificate and final Initiation will be given at the end of the course.

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