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White Flame & Ascension

Council of Light

In September 28th 2018. Sanat Kumara stepped forward as the Leader of the Council of Light, I have been channelling the Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene as part of this Council of Light for a few months this year as part of my Initiation into the White Flame that I am teaching for ascension, peace, joy and LOVE. 

My first transmission with Sanat Kumara was on Saturday 29th September

I AM the leader,

(I asked why are you here?)

To lead the light bearers on earth at this time of Great Transformation.

The planning is over, the time is now, it is imminent, to return, reignite the ancient flame of life.

Join together with other people. Light your own flame,

Carry it, be the Light Bearer

(these are lightworkers, wayshowers etc)

Then I was shown an image of him on the mountain top with the snow, was shown the cave and the flame of life.

This was in Tibet in the Mountains.

He was been up there for many years and says he is now coming down among the people to direct the flame. 

Sanat Kumara Message

Cosmic Forces frequencies are bringing Great Multitude of Multidimensional energies to us to .... (upgrade) our software (this is how i heard it but it didn't feel the right language) of your Earth.

The next 5 - 20 years will bring Great changes, we are to hold the light and bring it forth. 

Open your hearts -

My ears were ringing as if a 1000 angels were trying to communicate with me.

I heard some light language then took the photo showing the sun and the orb.  A Medium friend said she could see a Monk withe the Candle in this image. 

Who is Sanat Kumara?

He has been recognised in many of our religions, he is part of the White Brotherhood who make up the Council of Light with the Sisterhood of Divine Feminine, as it a collective of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, Angels, Ascended Masters, Luminous beings, Star Seeds, Intergalactic beings etc.  


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Image by Marylou Salon
White Rose Shaped Ring

Goddess Isis and The White Flame

Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood, and death, healing and rebirth. ... In the heavens, her symbol is the star Sept (Sirius)  She is the bringer of rebirth, Kim Ora Rose High Priestess has channelled the White Flame initiations and activation's for our alignment with the Souls Ascension at this time of the Piscesan Age. 

The Goddess Isis bring her White Flame to us now as we experience great expansion, as we awaken to our collective consciousness. In the past the priestesses and priests were taught in the Temples of Isis throughout the world, they learnt the Mysteries from the Priestesses and Priests. This tradition has changed and the Goddesses and Gods wish us to continue with our Awakening, Waking up to know who we are, part of the collective, the Unity of us all. More and more of us Light Workers, Wayshowers, Forerunners are being asked to share our teachings with other Light workers. Its the time of stepping out of the shadows and being seen.

In the past Goddesses were worshiped alongside of Gods, for over 700,000 years BC this was the tradition. Goddesses were the givers of life, fertility, Mother Earth and their consort was the the Gods eg Isis and Orisis, Zeus and Hera, Yahweh and Ashersh. Until around 500 BC the Yahweh Priests decided to write out the Goddesses, they were still worshipped for many decades but their temples were defaced, destroyed, the Old Testament created the vengeful God and wiped out this Goddess. They blamed Eve in the Garden of Eden and portray the Gods as male which changed our religious history for 2500 years.

It is time for the Goddess to return, she is our Mother Earth, the Creator, the symbol of Compassion, Joy and Love.

Jesus taught us The Way and his wife was Mary Magda who was his equal this was his teachings, but the New Testament was written to follow on from the Old Testament thereby not allowing the old traditions of the Goddess to be blessed.

This White Flame Energy is part of the reprogramming to remember our connection to Mother Earth, to the Goddesses and to heal the 2500 years old wound of being wiped out of religious history.  

Goddess Isis Symbolism  

White Lotus, Ankh,  White Flame

Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood, and death, healing and rebirth. ... In the heavens, her symbol is the star Sept  (Sirius)

Isis was first mentioned in the Old Kingdom 2686–2181 BCE and she was worshipped, followed until Christianity wiped out the old ways in the C4th and C5th  

Buddha Statue

Goddess Isis White Flame

White Flame Initiation

The White Flame is an energy symbol for ascension, wisdom and unity gifted by the Goddess Isis and the Council of Light to invoke their alignment with the highest energies for our highest good. This was directly channeled by Kim Gutteridge Magdalene High Priestess to invoke in her Spiritual work as a teacher, healer, wayshower, light worker, and mediumship to share with others.

As we strive to raise our vibrations, to ascend as individuals we are united with others and all the other souls on earth and in heaven. We are One with the universe and One through our collectiveness.

Goddess Isis and the Council of Light serves us to assist humanity and earth to ascend as crystalline ascended beings of Light united. They honor our uniqueness and our experiences in our lives and assist us on our journey. They assist by helping us to release old patterns of negativity, raising our vibrations, aligning our true nature with Love, Joy, Light and Peace. The Council of Light oversee humanity and Souls on their "Souls Journey" in Life experiences to assist us to connect with the deepest Wisdom, Love, Joy and Peace.

White Flame Initiation

The  White Flame is a high vibration energy to align with for ascension, unity, wisdom, divine love and deep connection with the Goddess Isis, her son Horus, Magdalene & Jesus who are part of The Council of Light.

When you are initiated to this White Flame you are initiated to the highest energies of the Goddess Isis and the Council of Light who wish to initiate higher vibrations on earth to bring us ascension, alchemy in forms of spiritual growth, wisdom, unity and love. 

There are Three Phases of the White Flame 

Initiation- White Rose

Activation White Flame 

Diamond White Flame Ray

White Flame Initiations

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Sacred White Rose Initiation

Opening the doors to the Temple of White Light

Phase 1 - Sacred White Rose Initiation 

Sacred White Rose Initiation 

White Flame Temple 

Channelled directly by Kim Gutteridge from Goddess Isis & Mary Magdalene

Divine Feminine of The Council of Light

Sacred White Rose Initiation

Transformational initiation to the Council of Light Temple

The White Rose symbolises Divine purpose, purity and transformation it is overseen by the Goddess Isis and the Council of Light. Supported by the Sisterhood of the Rose and White brotherhood.

This initiation supports you to clear your thoughts, your mind, body and souls experiences. It will deepen your spiritual self and guide you to deeper connections to the source energy through your connection to the Light Council

You will release deep core wounding and alight new energy within you for your spiritual pathway. We are all on a journey and this is an illuminating one with the Council of Light.

As you release your core wounding you will help to heal others with there wounding and help them to let go of all that should have never been theirs to experience.  For experience is what it all is, we are rising and we are letting go of our old experiences to be lighter and live more in the unity of Love.

The White Rose is the first gateway to your Temple of your Light, you will let go of blockages and receive more and more light than before.

The Council of Light will transmit their multi dimensional healing, crystalline grid and divine light.


Manual, Meditation with embedded Initiation and White Rose Ceremony


White Flame Phase Two

Activate Your Inner Peace

Phase Two - Activation to the White Flame  £55

This phases connects you deeper to the White Flame energies and you will receive an Activation from the Goddess Isis "She of a Thousand Names" and the Sky God Horus with the Council of Light overseeing.  

You will be attuned to invoke the White Flame energy and the Golden Ankh.

This is a workshop that includes the ways you can use White Flame energy for yourself and others, how to incorporate in your healing and spiritual practices. 

The Activation will be in a meditation, water baptism and flame ceremony.

You will also be attuned to the White Lotus energies of ascension and enlightment.

White Flame is used in rituals or ceremonies to create sacred spaces, to hold space for others for their healing and transformation, in meditation to enhance the client's connection with the Council of Light and transmute old patterns, releasing old contracts and set them free from old ways of thinking. You can use the White Flame when setting up your therapy space, as part of your healing practices, as part of a Reiki Treatment, you can invoke when doing reflexology or a massage or when you see a beauty client. You can invoke White Flame for a yoga session qi gong, or fitness session to invoke the transformation energies within the exercise programme this will help release old patterns as your clients train. You can invoke the White Flame in a Meditation or hypnotherapy session to

bring in the Divine energies of the Council of Light.



White Flame Phase Three

Activate Your Inner Peace

This phase is the teacher Level after you have received the teachings and activation's to the teacher Phase you will able to Initiate and Activate your own students through all the Phases One, Two and Three. As part of this phase you will receive a Fire Ceremony for further purification to align your Soul and Higher self to receive the Goddess White Flame energies. There will an aligning with your Soul as part of this activation and an opening of your Soul Star chakra to connect more deeply with Isis, Horus, Magdalene and Jesus as part of the Council of Light. Also you will be attuned to the energy of Isis's Ankh this is the Key that will unlock your ascension path to greater understanding and spiritual development you will become your own channel to communicate with the Divine Unity the Collective Consciousnesses.

There will be further Case Studies to complete as part of this Goddess Phase.

Presets you must have completed Phase One and Phase Two to the White Flame and completed the 11 Day Journal and Case Studies before undertaking this course

If you are interested in the White Flame Goddess please get in touch with Kim


What our customers are saying

This morning I read Kim's beautiful initiation of the White flame.
First of all I sat with a white Jasmine candle, I put Daniel O'Donnel's Cd on singing hynms to get into the spirit. I then put on my relaxing meditation music that I use for such occasions.
I noticed Quan Yin's face in a crystal watching me. MM's voice told me that "Jesus and Mary came holding hands. They will lift you up through the white flame, upto God's light" she said. Zoroaster came too, he stood in front of me so I could see his face. The room was filled with pink roses and Lilac energy as I lifted up. I was aware of the light, and my spirit was floating up there with Jesus and Mother Mary. At the same time i was aware of my body still lying on the bed surrounded by roses and lilac light.
Next thing I was back on the bed of roses, Zororoaster was stood in front of me again as if he had brought me back. Then he stood back and first Jesus and then MM put their hands on my heart area and I felt a band of dark energy float up from my heart. The energy around me turned green, healing. Mary Magdaline sat holding my hand as I cried with grattitude. It went black and she said "it is the secret knowledge we have put in Suzanne. We want you to speak out to your family, friends, sisters and anyone who will listen." I felt my mouth go tight at the corners. "You are holding in youself now, all the words you will speak, for we have given you them. You will be like St Paul, you will go forth into the world to speak our truth to anyone who will listen. Salome    
Suzanne 31.08.2018