Mystical World of Flower Healing

Connect to the Magical energies of flowers

Flowers are incredible, they are beautiful to look at and fill our homes with sweet aromas but for thousands of years flowers have also been used for remedies in medicine because of their incredible healing properties.  Wise women in the past gave us flower healing remedies and this ancient knowledge is carried to this time.  

Doctors recommend herbal remedies a lot more than you may think. The list of plants, herbs and flowers used to cure illnesses and health problems is endless, some flowers can be used to cure heart failure and even mend broken bones. 

A session can be in person or distantly via the telephone or skype call. Each session is unique and brings in the energies of flowers, plants, planets and guardians.

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Currently I am writing a book about flowers, healing and their magical mystical Guardians.  This will be available in the spring.  I am writing about 22 flowers, trees and sacred wells in one wonderful book full of practical ways to connect with flowers and meditations to receive the healing powers of each of the flowers. 


Thank you SO much again for the wonderful plant healing. It’s hard to recall all that I was shown as I went so deep, but this healing was really unique. Not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. Your ability to take me on a visual journey blew me away. I often struggle with my visualisations in guided meditations, but I was with each one in an instant with you. Your voice is so soothing. I’m also not usually much of a crier, but tears flowed on two occasions during this healing, it was so beautiful. So gentle, yet powerful. I do hope you continue to offer these out into the world as they and you are the real deal and you are so needed. Thank you again. My heart is full!



Burton on Trent, Staffs, United Kingdom

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