Sacred White Rose Initiation

Sacred White Rose Initiation

Sacred White Rose Initiation 

White Flame Temple 

Channelled directly by Kim Gutteridge from Goddess Isis & Mary Magdalene

Divine Feminine of The Council of Light



Sacred White Rose Initiation

Transformational initiation to the Council of Light Temple

The White Rose symbolises Divine purpose, purity and transformation it is overseen by the Goddess Isis and the Council of Light. Supported by the Sisterhood of the Rose and White brotherhood.

This initiation supports you to clear your thoughts, your mind, body and souls experiences. It will deepen your spiritual self and guide you to deeper connections to the source energy through your connection to the Light Council

You will release deep core wounding and alight new energy within you for your spiritual pathway. We are all on a journey and this is an illuminating one with the Council of Light.

As you release your core wounding you will help to heal others with there wounding and help them to let go of all that should have never been theirs to experience.  For experience is what it all is, we are rising and we are letting go of our old experiences to be lighter and live more in the unity of Love.

The White Rose is the first gateway to your Temple of your Light, you will let go of blockages and receive more and more light than before.

The Council of Light will transmit their multi dimensional healing, crystalline grid and divine light.



Manual, Meditation with embedded Initiation and White Rose Ceremony 


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  • White Rose

    Today, you wake the soul

    The forgotten songs,

    Sang the songs together

    Today you become the White Rose

    The pure One

    The unity of Life

    Kim Ora Rose